Mehad (ex-UOSSM France)

Mehad (ex-UOSSM France)


Paris, Erbil, Gaziantep


Mehad (Ex-UOSSM France) is a French health and international solidarity NGO. Mehad was born in 2011 from the will of a group of doctors to respond to the urgent need to provide healthcare to the populations affected by the war in Syria and in the neighbouring countries.

Mehad is committed to a sustainable health response, which we are helping to build with local actors, to guarantee quality care and long-term social development for vulnerable populations. Mehad carries out vital missions with populations, relying on a network of more than 1,000 health professionals, mobilized from France and all over the world.

Thanks to our detailed knowledge of the needs of the populations and the partnership relationship we have maintained with them for several years, our NGO has developed unique expertise in local emergency, health and development issues.

As long as the populations do not benefit from a sustainable health system, we continue to alert the urgency to act, to inform and challenge public opinion, and remind public decision-makers of their responsibilities in this sense: to take the necessary decisions and measures to improve the condition of the populations we help on the ground.

Ce qu'ils recherchent

Mehad is looking for professional and passionate candidates demonstrating curiosity, dynamism, and proactivity to be able to develop and adapt to a fast-paced environment by nature.

Mehad promotes diversity and inclusion as a core value and needs, on a regular basis, diverse profiles to integrate its different departments :

  • Partnerships, Programmes, and Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Communication & Fundraising
  • Finance and administration, etc.

Bon à savoir

Mehad currently employs over 1000 national and international employees on the field to work on our health programmes:

  • Primary health care (chronic disease, maternal and reproductive health)
  • Secondary and tertiary health care (dialysis, thalassemia, blood bank)
  • Protection
  • Mental health and psycho-social support
  • Nutrition and community health
  • Training and capacity building

Gaziantep Office (in Turkey) develops and implements health projects essentially located in the North West of Syria while Erbil office (in Iraq) focuses on developing and supporting health projects in the North East of Syria.

Recently Mehad expanded its scope of action to respond to Ukraine's crisis. Indeed, UOSSM France is launching its operation in Lviv in Ukraina, starting with opening a medical training centre for Health and First Aid personnel to enhance their capacity in the field of War and disaster Medicine.

Paris office (in France), HQ of the organization, holds a technical support role and ensures global consistency of the projects and the strategic approach of the organization.

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