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Florent is a multi entrepreneur in Finance and Real Estate. He has a background in financial engineering and loves resolving complex problems with math and automation. He co-founded Trackstone in 2021 with Thibault, his brother.

Thibault is a CTO with experience and skills in engendering, programming, design, and has a very solid experience in real estate transaction processes. He co-founded Trackstone in 2021 with Florent, his brother.

Joe is a Senior Lead Dev, and he is passionate about solving complex infrastructure situations and building ready-to-scale environments. He joined Trackstone in 2021 as the first employee.


Trackstone is the only platform where real estate investors can buy and sell rental properties that are already rented. Founded in 2021 by Florent Vaudelin and Thibault Vaudelin, Trackstone is the first licensed real estate agency specialized in rented real estate assets.

By providing a unique way to sell rental properties, at a decent cost, Trackstone's goal is to allow any investor to buy European real estate assets from anywhere in the world.

Trackstone has been launched on January 1st 2022 and has already sold for more than 4m€ in transactions.

Ce qu'ils recherchent

We created a strong culture where key elements are :

• High Autonomy : we want everyone part of Trackstone to think by himself, to be able to decide without managers

• Team & Private life oriented : we are an ambitious team, but we are convinced that work should be fairly balanced with personal life.

• Owner oriented : every of our client is an owner or future owner. Be Humble, be curious, try to understand before anything else

• Seriousness, no jerks, no superstars

Bon à savoir

• Alan Health insurance, because it should be easy and should not be a question.

• Flexible time off

• Great tools - Macbooks Pro, screens if necessary

• Transport compensation

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