The Invisible Collection

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The Invisible Collection
The Invisible Collection
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The Invisible Collection
The Invisible Collection
The Invisible Collection
The Invisible Collection
The Invisible Collection
The Invisible Collection

« I am a fan of The Invisible Collection (...) The service is rather genius, actually, as it allows the public to gain access to the world of an interior designer without committing to a full look. The Invisible Collection aims to support local communities with its production, and the furniture and objects it sells are made to order, meaning waste is avoided. »

Luke Edward Hall, Financial Times

The Invisible Collection

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The Invisible Collection is the first online destination for unique furniture and objects created by star designers and emerging talents of today's interior decoration. All designs are hand made by exceptional craftsmen.  

The Invisible Collection is first and foremost a curious eye for and an informed point of view on design and interior decoration. On the website, as well as in the private showroom in London, the company's headquarters, design and decoration lovers can find the perfect piece(s) to decorate, transform and elevate their home in a very personal way.   

This disruptive brand values the craftsmen's skillful gestures and their thrifty approach, whilst supporting know-how, local heritage and short circuits production. All the furniture and objects are designed and made to last and to be passed on. There is no mass-produced furniture and no waste at The Invisible Collection, each piece of furniture is made to order. The site favors furniture made of recycled noble materials, including certified wood, and promotes the eco-friendly responsible practices of its designers and manufacturers. The teams work in close collaboration with them to progress each day towards 100% eco-friendly furniture. 

What they are looking for

  • An international, highly motivated and energetic team. 
  • A taste for others: nothing is more important than people and a taste for beautiful things.
  • The kindness that helps to take risks and find solutions. 
  • Entrepreneurial profiles and a real affinity for web marketing and e-commerce: a stimulating adventure to proactively participate in the launch and development of a business. 

The Invisible Collection is committed to equal opportunities, inclusion and diversity within its teams.   

Good to know

🌍 The Invisible Collection teams are in London, New York and Paris and mobility between jobs and countries is encouraged. 

💂 The new offices in Marylebone in the heart of London are arty and eco-friendly. 

🌿 The Invisible Collection finances 100% of the carbon contribution of the shipping and delivery of its furniture. 

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