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Villejuif, Beverly

Rémi started his career in 2009 at the laboratory LadHyx of Ecole Polytechnique, exploring new approaches in droplet microfluidics for easy integration into innovative commercial products.

He co-founded Stilla Technologies in 2013 to build a disruptive digital PCR solution, using the microfluidic technologies he helped establish.

Rémi was named as Top 10 French Innovator Under 35 by MIT Technological Review in 2014 and Top 10 Biotech entrepreneur under 30 in 2016 by []. (

With a PhD in in Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology, Allison pursued post-doctoral work on the function and developmental roles of microRNAs at the Whitehead Institute of MIT.

After moving to France in 2007, she worked at both INRA and the Institut Curie investigating noncoding RNAs in both plants and vertebrates. After a year of consulting at a Paris-based single-cell sequencing start-up, Allison joined Stilla Technologies early in 2019 as the director of the R&D Molecular Biology team, where she and the R&D team work to push the limits of genetic testing using NaicaTM Crystal™ Digital PCR.

Nicolas’ background includes Soft Matter physics and Material Science, which he acquired during his engineering training in ESPCI Paris. He obtained his Ph.D. from LadHyX in Ecole Polytechnique, working on the mechanism by which colloidal particles can stabilize a liquid foam. Before joining Stilla, Nicolas worked three years in the construction materials industry, where he lead several research projects regarding, for instance, mirrors durability and safety glass mechanical resistance. He is now part of the operation department at Stilla, where his mission is to secure the reliability of the production of instruments and consumables, by improving the processes and the associated quality controls.

He never says no to a tasty meal, whether it is eating it, cooking it, or reading a book about it.

A song to work with : Ram it down - Judas Priest

Alexandra is a Biomedical Engineer and has worked on collaborative projects in the Advance Research Department of a Medical Device Company after which, she completed her Ph.D. in Molecular & Biological Electrochemistry at Paris Diderot University.

Alexandra has worked on the development of different isothermal DNA amplification methods and their combination to electrochemical detection via the intercalation of redox reporters.

She now assists Stilla as a broad Application Specialist to help the worldwide Naica System Users optimize their protocols and applications in Crystal Digital PCR.

After obtaining a PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences in the US, Trisha moved to France and joined Stilla in April 2019. Trisha works with the Marketing Team and is responsible for creating scientific content and communication.

With her scientific background and an experience in content creation, Trisha acts as a bridge between the R&D and the Commercial Operations Teams to create technical documents for the users of Crystal Digital PCR, managing the educational Digital PCR website,, social media marketing, and supporting the Commercial Operations Team.

In her free time, Trisha loves writing on her blog, traveling across Europe and cooking!

Gwilherm graduated from Ecole Polytechnique with a master degree in Physics & Chemistry.

He joined Stilla in September 2018 to work on the microfluidic aspects of the Naica system, optimizing existing products and developing innovative new ones.

After studying in signal and image processing in Grenoble, Oriane began her career as a research and development software engineer at General Electric Healthcare where she worked on improving a 3D reconstruction imagery system for vascular cardiology.

Then she joined NovaSparks, working for four years in the ultra-low latency access to market data industry. She took part in several research projects, for example data recovery and system configuration. She is now part of the software department at Stilla, where her mission is to build the next generation software by developing innovative tools.


Stilla Technologies is a Life sciences company whose mission is to improve health by offering researchers and clinicians worldwide solutions for high precision genetic analysis.

Since 2016, Stilla Technologies has empowered researchers with the naica® system, a solution that enables to detect & quantify nucleic acid with unprecedented precision.

The naica® system supports a wide range of genetic tests and molecular biology assays — including liquid biopsy tests for cancer diagnostics, viral load quantification, GMO detection, etc... Overall, the naica® system superior performances make it a preferred technology for precision medicine research and therapeutic monitoring.

Stilla® advises and supports its customers worldwide with a multidisciplinary team, whose expertise spans from microfluidics and chemistry to molecular biology and computer science. Stilla’s talented and multidisciplinary team shares a passion for building successful Life Science and Diagnostic products based on deep technological innovations.

What they are looking for

After completing a 20 M€ Series B funding round in January 2020, Stilla intends to accelerate the adoption & development of its next-generation solution to clinical diagnostics market. The company is looking to:

  1. Expand the sales of its Naica System worldwide
  2. Scale production capacities
  3. Maintain a strong R&D pipeline of innovative products for precision genetic analysis (instrumentation, consumables and assays).

Stilla is actively hiring talented and motivated individuals in Production, Sales & Marketing, Customer Support, Software & hardware Engineering, Molecular Biology etc...

If you are excited about the field of genomics and looking to building successful Life Science products based on deep technological innovation, join us!

Good to know

  • Be ready to work in a fast-paced environment and join a Life Science company growing at a 3-digit pace
  • Enjoy solving “at the frontier” challenges in multidisciplinary teams
  • Share a genuine passion for ‘omics’ and wish to contribute to improving health
  • PhD or Master degree in ping-pong will be appreciated ;)

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