Janek has been with the company almost since the beginning - over 18 years. After tens of thousands of hours spent programming and dealing with clients across the SiteOne portfolio, he considers the job of a senior programmer a calling. Officially, he has Back-end, Front-end, Infrastructure, Testing and partly Design under his belt. During his years of work at SiteOne, his position naturally evolved from a "classic" universal programmer to an indispensable element for the successful completion of projects. Janek's life credo is: do it right way. His hobbies include cycling, but primarily his work.

Martin is another SiteOne employee who has been here almost from the beginning. And even after an incredible 17 years, he can't get enough of working here. Up to 60% of his activities are related to team leadership activities. His goal is to keep developers as busy as possible and have the opportunity to constantly face new challenges. He enjoys sports, you can often notice that he has literally run to the office.

Jirka has been a Front-end Developer at SiteOne for more than 4 years. At SiteOne, he appreciates maturity, the absence of corporate maneuvers and the opportunity to consult with experts in the field. Now he is in charge of the Front-end technological solution, which he was closest to out of all the areas he is involved in, and he also takes care of newcomers. His great hobby is sports, for example he even dares to balance on a slackline.

Josef started at SiteOne as a Project Manager. He was at the origin of successful company products (OmniOne, TempliOne, CDN...) and continues to have a major influence on new Business Development. Communicating with several clients, jumping from one task to another and presenting the SiteOne brand as an expert in digital solutions is his daily bread. In addition, he is a fan of quality stories and books of all kinds.


SiteOne is a digital solutions provider headed up by, a leading Czech digital transformation expert, Jan Bezdek. If you are not familiar with SiteOne, you probably know their work and likely come across it several times a week. They started 20+ years ago in a carriage house and both agility and drive remain in their DNA to this day.

SiteOne helps clients succeed with digital transformation projects. They can build a project/product concept and then create, market, nurture and develop it.

Digital transformation represents a major step for businesses and an exploration into the very bowels of a company. The supplier of digital solutions should thus act as an understanding partner, mentor, and guide in the rapidly changing world of technology. And that's exactly what SiteOne is for its clients. Among them are Blue Style, Air Bank, Zonky, J&T BANKA, Rohlík, E.ON, EUC, Bezrealitky and Albixon.

SiteOne's internal compass is the values ​​with the abbreviation ESO = Empathy, Reliability, Courage. These values are honored both in our interactions with clients and in our work on projects, as well as the relationships with each other. This has helped them stick together and grow for over 20 years.

What they are looking for

Aren't they looking for you?

SiteOne has been growing for a long time, so it is looking for new buddies both in development and in the project team. They are not only looking for additional employees but especially kind people who will fit into a friendly team of professionals. It is important for them that your work means more than just the number of hours spent sitting in the office and that you are interested in technology and the digital world.

They call the time devoted to your integration into the team the adaptation period, and it ensures that the newcomer learns the most important things, is not overwhelmed, and jumps into the work process as quickly as possible. A newcomer has a line manager and a mentor to guide them and to whom he/she can ask for help at any time.

At SiteOne, they have regular formal and informal meetings and rituals. It suits those who want to develop in their profession by allowing them to attend courses, training and try new challenges outside of client projects.

Check out the open positions they are looking for, and even if you don't find yours, send your CV, because skilled people are always welcome.

Good to know

What do they have for you?

  • They are based in beautiful offices in Vinohrady (Korunní Dvůr).
  • They operate on reduced seven-hour work day.
  • A homemade breakfast is served every Tuesday and Thursday.
  • They like sports, that's why they participate in sports challenges and have a shower in their offices.
  • They have juicy company merch, which employees like to wear in their free time.
  • You will receive a monthly contribution for leisure activities.
  • Enjoy a company phone plan with unlimited calls and data.

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