Screenshot Labs

Screenshot Labs


Screenshot brings together a team of passionate entrepreneurs, engineers and artists dedicated to bridging worlds through innovative technology and elegant design. Screenshot employees share a common drive and passion for delivering outstanding experiences to their users and followers.

Employee breakdown

  • Content


  • Community & Marketing


  • Brand & Design


  • Product


  • Tech


  • Strategy & Operations


The Executive team

The Executive team is comprised of five key members: Briyan Cessac, Christophe Dumont, Remi Roycourt, Andrew Manliguez and Loic Moisan.

The Content team

The Content team is a top-performing team that focuses on producing high-quality content for all our products and projects across the board.

The Community & Marketing team

The Community & Marketing team are here to build meaningful relationships with our followers and to track and increase their level of satisfaction by delivering entertaining initiatives to our core audiences.

The Product team

The Product team's core priority is to deliver outstanding products, ensure impeccable user experience, and gather meaningful feedback from our users in order to continuously improve Screenshot products.

The Strategy & Operations team

The Strategy & Operations team sits directly under the CEO. They work on high priority projects across the organization, such as talent management, operations, legal, finance and business development.