FinTech / InsurTech, Intelligence artificielle / Machine Learning, SaaS / Cloud Services

Paris, Hong Kong

After working in the insurance industry and seeing all the challenges facing health insurers across the world, Tarik was obsessed with the need to imagine new solutions capable to help the health insurance industry to deliver the highest levels of service to their members while maintaining sustainability. Today Tarik is managing a growing team of talents with different expertise and backgrounds to tackle all the challenges facing a fast growing company, identifying new opportunities and delivering transformative results.

After a PhD and PostDoc in probability optimisation (Optimal Transport) at École Polytechnique, and working as a Quant at Goldman Sachs HK, Hadrien co-founded Qantev to solve some of the biggest challenges faced by insurers. His experience in putting computationally heavy algorithms at scale and his passion for solving complex problems have been the backbone of Qantev’s tech. He has built a robust tech foundation that allows the team to deliver highly efficient and modular solutions to their clients worldwide. Today, his mission is to manage the ever-growing product and tech team, and ensure their processes scale as they grow.

After graduating from CentraleSupelec with a master in applied mathematics, Oscar joined Qantev in 2020. He loves facing new challenges and solving complex problems. He developed our medical coding inference models based on a state of the art NLP model. Aside from his machine learning tasks, he leads several projects with our clients in Asia. When he is not at Qantev, Oscar is busy with his vineyard in the Bourbonnais.

Formerly at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Manel joined Qantev as Head of Engagement. She chose to leverage her 10 years of expertise in trading and strategic project management to spearhead Qantev’s growth efforts. Her mission is to manage the success of the largest client relationships in order to help Qantev become the go-to decision-making enterprise software for insurance operations.

After a PhD in Applied Mathematics, Perle joined Qantev at the beginning of the adventure, as a Research Engineer. Her main task is to develop new mathematical models of health networks and algorithms to help insurers provide the best care to their members. As the company grew, she had the opportunity to get involved on in other domains. She discovered her great interest for Product, and became passionate about understanding insurers’ challenges and building the best solutions for them. Besides, she also works with the Tech team on both the back end and the front end.