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Fred is the CEO and Cofounder of He is a French entrepreneur in San Francisco.

Before, Fred has created several other tech companies in cloud, eCommerce and digital transformation.

After graduating as an electronics and automation engineer, Sawssen started a career as a customer support specialist combining two of her passions IT administration and customer relationship management.

She joined mid 2017 as a support agent, became a customer solutions architect few months later and was promoted recently to be the manager of the Technical accounts managers.

Her mission is to coach, train the team, set and improve the internal processes and make sure to provide all the needed resources to help the team go above and beyond.

Jess has spent her career helping customers solve their technology challenges and leading teams to achieve their full potential.

Before joining, she led the Enterprise Product Sales team at Rackspace and was responsible for helping customers solve their colocation and private cloud challenges through their Managed Private Cloud offerings on OpenStack, VMware and Microsoft private cloud platforms worldwide.

Jess is based in Oregon.

Augustin is the Product Delivery Manager at and is also known for his love for open source technologies and t-shirts. During his free time, he creates t-shirt brands and t-shirts websites.

Presentation is a unified, secure, enterprise-grade platform for building, running and scaling fleets of websites and applications.

We believe in a future where digital infrastructure is at once everywhere and invisible. Where innovation is possible without technical barriers and with reduced impact on our environment. is a VC-backed scale-up headquartered in Paris with employees across three continents. Among our clients you can find key accounts, such as Vivienne Westwood, British high-end fashion retailer Reiss, the Canadian Football League, the British Council, Parc Asterix,, the German startup Flixbus or the South-American El Universo.

What they are looking for

No matter the role, we hire talented polyglots who pride themselves in high quality work and making clients happy.

We don’t care (much) what and where you studied as long as we hire the right experts in their respective field.

We are on the lookout for Pythonistas and “DevOps” engineers first, but we have also started to open up for apprenticeships and internships within different fields, when feasible, since we are also looking for potential.

Good to know

We are a fully remote company spread out in 38 countries: we have folks in Paris (our HQ is based here) and the South of France, Germany, Italy, Greece, UK, USA, Canada, India, etc.

From time to time we will meet up in Paris or at conferences (e.g. Mumbai, New Orleans, Cologne and London) but we also organise an annual summit to bring everyone together for one week (Punta Cana, Sicily, etc).

The team works 100% in “Pull/Free allocation” mode where it’s up to people to assign themselves tasks. When we are not being silly (or serious) on Slack, we are sharing music (we have professional musicians), fun games, and tasty food and wine.

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