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Mobilize Pay
Mobilize Pay

JD-IT Architect

  • 15, Rue d'Uzès, Paris, 75002
  • CDI 
    Début :
    Télétravail régulier
    Éducation : Bac +5 / Master
    Expérience : > 3 ans

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    Who are they?

    At MOBILIZE PAY, we’re on a mission to empower our customers to move and live
    more sustainably, one payment at a time. We bring together EV charging, payments,
    and sustainability – making it easier to lead a more mindful lifestyle. We’re growing
    fast and looking for like-minded entrepreneurs to come build a better future with us! 🚀

    We’re an autonomous, ambitious, and impact-driven start-up team based out of
    Paris, with the confidence of Mobilize Financial Services. Bringing the best of both
    worlds together. 💥

    We’re a collaborative and diverse team of go-getters, entrepreneurs, developers,
    designers, and many more. In the coming months, we’re speeding ahead with
    building our new product, onboarding the best partners, and launching in new
    markets - blink and you might miss it! 🏎️💨

    Mobilize Financial Services is Renault Group’s global banking group, helping 4.7
    million customers across the world finance their car in 2021 alone. With Mobilize
    Financial Services supercharging our growth, the sky’s the limit! 😎

    Mobilize Pay
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    Job description

    As one of the founding members of the team, you’ll be responsible for:

    • Building systems to organise applications, ensuring applications are correctly
      linked, and that our providers are correctly integrated
    • Building the vision of our systems & applications and how external & internal services that we integrate aligns with this vision
    • Doing constant research (POC) to improve various aspects of the infrastructure
    • Working closely with our CTO, business teams, developers, and partner providers
    • Planning, building and continuously improving infrastructure, policies, and procedures
    • Designing and deploying geo-distributed Kubernetes clusters
    • Taking immediate action in cases of outage or high-severity incident
    • Overseeing security concerns and legal obligations
    • Working closely with Security team for ensuring that Group security rules are implemented
    • Leading DevOps team to ensure infrastructures are efficient

    As a member of the technical team, you will work closely with the CTO and with the
    Card Product Manager, as we expect true ownership and drive from you! The role
    will be based in central Paris. We fully support flexible working, but love to
    collaborate in real life a few days a week to break down the virtual barriers and learn
    from one another.

    Our tech stack:

    • GKE
    • Spring Boot
    • Java 17
    • Flutter (redux)
    • GCP (Terraform, Ansible)
    • PostgreSQL
    • Gitlab
    • TDD approach

    Preferred experience

    This role is for you if you have:

    • Experience managing large-scale, fully automated infrastructure-as-code landscapes (we use Terraform!)
    • Experience with cloud-native technologies (GCP)
    • Hands-on experience with building and managing CI/CD workflows and tools
      (Gitlab CI, Jenkins)
    • Experience with monitoring and log aggregating frameworks (Dynatrace)
    • Good expertise with Docker, Kubernetes, or other orchestration tools
    • General networking knowledge and troubleshooting experience
    • Experience designing high-traffic, fault-tolerant systems at the global scale
    • Experience in banking architecture design
    • Are fluent in English and French

    Typically, people with 3+ years of experience working with Kubernetes have
    developed the tactical skills to be successful in this role. But we believe experience
    is not the best predictor of future performance and that people learn fast – so if all
    this sounds exciting to you, we’d love to meet you! 👋

    Mobilize Pay
    Mobilize Pay

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