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Our home rather than office

"My long-term dream has always been to have a headquarters for our team. A place where we can come together, collaborate, and achieve great things! A place that we can fit to our needs and wishes, a place that has cozy interiors and a comfortable garden. A place where our people feel good. Also, the very name "Keen Software House" suggests that we should have a "house"!

I believe that what surrounds us has an impact on what we create. If there are ugly things around you, you are more likely to produce low-quality products. If you are instead surrounded by inspiration, you are more likely to produce beautiful things. We should be raising our standards, not stagnating or declining.

In 2019 we were finally able to achieve this goal. We finally found a property in Prague that has all the attributes we need, the beautiful 18th Century villa, Oranžérie." - Marek Rosa the CEO

Our home rather than office