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Today, we are looking for an engineer to join our new Team to work specifically around LLMs and ship more organic experiences to our users.

We’re leveraging LLM models to revolutionize legal research and build valuable products for our users. What we’re building in the short term? We’re developing interactive assistants and agents that leverage our database and perform tasks for our users and partners. But we want to do much more!

The legal industry is being revolutionized by LLMs. Lawyers are eagerly adopting cutting-edge technologies, and we are riding this wave! The moment is now.

We mainly follow a Kanban/Lean paradigm cherry-picking Events or Artifacts from other methods to create our own practice, matching our own organization.

We have an Engineering Culture. And have some practical principles.

  • Do what you say, Say what you do.

  • Communication builds Trust. Trust improves Performance.

  • Try, fail and, learn. Iterate until success.

  • Leave your ego at the door.

  • Big Ideas, Pragmatical Implementation.

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What you’ll do:

  • Create, test, maintain, and consume internal & external APIs (mainly Python, a little bit of Go)

  • Write conception Proposals, RFC and analysis

  • Help to create Proof Of Concept, Minimum Viable Product

  • Implement new features and fix bugs

  • Work on LLM application (llama-3, GPT-4, Mixtral, etc…)

  • Do prompt engineering, few short learning and fine-tuning

Who you are:

  • You are passionate about your craft and can communicate it

  • You are trustworthy

  • You have 3+ years in your field and have worked on part of our Tech Stack

  • You thrive in a fast-paced environment

  • You are climbing the slope of enlightenment (Dunning–Kruger effect)

  • Having worked on at least one LLM project

  • Knowing how to leverage LLM

Our technical stack:

  • Main: Python, Go, Nuxt.js, Vue.js, and Node.js

  • Databases: PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, Neo4j and Redis

  • Legacy (being replaced): Symfony with JQuery

  • Development and CI/CD: Docker, Git and Gitlab

Company Perks and Benefits:

  • 😍 Working for a fast-growing global legal tech offering a disruptive product that is revolutionizing the way lawyers around the world interconnect and conduct legal research,

  • 💻 Hybrid working organization, mix between remote and on-site,

  • 💰Competitive salary & equity

  • 🏖 5 weeks of vacation

  • 🍼  Paid parental leave (under specific conditions)

  • 🩺 A great complementary private health insurance (paid 100% for the employee and his children by the company)

  • 🚊50% of public transportation reimbursed.

  • 🍴Personal credit card to buy lunches during the week (Swile)

  • 😍 Every quarter we organize a company-wide summit to

  • 🌍 Travel (work abroad) policy: 8 weeks per year, you can live and work from where you want across the globe,

  • ✈️ Relocation Package (to France)

Why us, why now?

We are structuring our organization to scale. There is a lot to do with high levels of ownership and freedom. Building and creating the practices and processes the Engineering will follow.

Confidence can sometimes hold us back from applying for a job. But we’ll let you in on a secret: there’s no such thing as a ‘perfect’ candidate. So however you identify and whatever background you bring with you, please apply if this is a role that would make you excited to come to work every day.

Déroulement des entretiens

  • Screening call
  • Technical talk around an Excercice de Style with the Engineering Management
  • Meet the Team
  • Meet the founders/top management

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