IT / Digital, Logiciels, SaaS / Cloud Services

Paris, New York, Sydney

The Engineering and Product Team

🚀​ Their Mission

The Engineering and Product Teams work together to define new features, tackle technical debt, and make our customers happy.

It is not always easy, but together we handle significant new feature demands from our customers without compromising the quality and our long-term vision. Like many companies, our roadmap may change from time to time, so we must be flexible, fluid and agile. We like to see problems as opportunities to learn and improve.

More on the Team

The Engineering and Product Teams are mainly based in Paris. The Engineering Team accounts for 40 engineers (frontend, backend, QA, SRE) working in several squads (six to seven Developers and one Product Manager). The Product Team accounts for seven product managers and three designers. To be part of the Engineering and Product teams, you need to have an intuitive and creative approach, be a reliable and pragmatic problem-solver, have a test-and-learn attitude, and be a team player.


Hivebrite is an all-in-one community management and engagement platform. Our mission is to provide organizations with the tools they need to create vibrant communities.

Our SaaS platform serves customers across a variety of industries including higher education, non-profit, and corporate. Founded in 2015, today we count more than 500 customers worldwide - including Princeton University, Stanford University, and Columbia Business Schools but also WWF or P&G alumni. We employ more than 100 people across our offices in Paris, New York, and Sydney, and 30 nationalities are represented in our team!

In 2020, we were awarded five Happy to Work labels, were recognized as a G2 High Performer, and won the International Prize by EY, SYNTEC Numerique, and TECH IN France.

And we have no intention of slowing down!

What they are looking for

We are looking for "doers," with a positive attitude, who want to build, learn and make an impact at a growing international business. We seek talent that sees solutions where others see problems. Individuals that are comfortable with change...Because a growing company is always in the process of transforming!

What makes them successful:

  • Platform flexibility (visually and functionally) that customization for all types of online communities
  • A user-friendly interface coupled with an all-in-one solution capable of a broad set of functionalities (events, email campaigns, website, analytics, forums, fundraising, payments, messaging, etc.)
  • Unique and efficient methods for surfacing job opportunities within a network

Good to know

  • Hivebrite is also a rich community of foodies, athletes, music lovers, and experienced junkies
  • We organize worldwide online team buildings
  • And rarely does a week end without a team Happy Hour
  • Be careful not to leave your laptop open, otherwise you'll owe croissants to the entire office!

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