1st Product Manager @Okko (eFounders)
Hexa (eFounders)
Hexa (eFounders)

1st Product Manager @Okko (eFounders)

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    Who are they?


    The way employees make purchases in companies is completely broken.

    Whether it’s for SaaS, hardware, services (such as consulting or marketing), or events, the average B2B purchase takes more than 60 days, requires 50+ emails, and involves many parties (IT, legal, compliance, finance, etc.).

    Nobody likes this manual process; it slows businesses down and positions the procurement function as a “hindrance to progress.” Finance and accounting people use ERP or P2P tools but their UX is poor and completely outdated.

    We are building the go-to platform that will manage the entire purchasing process. With Okko, we are on a mission to:

    • give employees (internal buyers) a single and a self-guided front-door to easily create a request

    • provide procurement process managers with a no-code solution to manage approval workflows and integrate with business tools in a few clicks (e.g. Yousign for legal, Greenly for ESG, Netsuite for ERP, etc.)

    • create a productive space for every stakeholders to work on purchasing project with centralized context

    • create analytical dashboards to meet the growing strategic needs of procurement teams, particularly in terms of security, data privacy, and environmental issues (zero-carbon policy)

    Our long-term ambition is to revolutionize B2B purchases and create a B2B purchasing experience equivalent to buying a book on Amazon! 💥

    Our long-term ambition is to create a B2B purchasing experience as easy as buying a book on Amazon

    We’re still very early and we count on you to raise our product & team to another level!

    🚀 we’re backed byeFounders- startup studio, part ofHexa

    We partner with talented cofounders to build the future of product-led SaaS.

    We pioneered the startup studio model in 2011 and have since launched over 30 companies (7 of them have made exits) with $700M in funding and now reaching a valuation of over $5 billion - including Front, Aircall and Spendesk which recently became unicorns.

    Today, over 2,500 employees across the world work in a startup which started out as a simple mockup right here at eFounders.

    💬 Who we are. We are passionate builders with one common goal: to build the next generation of SaaS companies. We’re a team of hands-on expert in Product, Design, GTM and more, ready to help founders get their startups off the ground.

    ⭐ Our companies:  Roundtable • ElbaDotfileSwanCycleFolkUpflowYousign + many other startups and more to come 🚀

    Job description

    As our first Product Manager, you will be responsible for defining and executing the product vision and roadmap.

    You will work closely with JulienRobin, the tech team, and eFounders’s design team to find out the best opportunities to work on, and “design” the most (impactful vs easy to implement) solutions.

    Your key responsibilities:

    • Develop & maintain a comprehensive product roadmap that aligns with company goals and objectives

    • Work closely with design team to ensure our product offers a superior UX - and contribute with wireframes

    • Collaborate with the engineering team to define & prioritize solutions, and ensure that products are delivered on time and of a high level of quality

    • Define business & product metrics to measure success and enable pragmatic iterations

    Preferred experience

    We believe willingness to improve, to tackle issues & resilience are more important than existing hard skills.

    That being said, some non-exhaustive stuff we’d like to see in you:

    • 3+ years of experience in Product Management. A previous experience in SaaS B2B is a plus.

    • Entrepreneurial mindset: you are a problem solver, think out of the box & enjoy working on an early stage product

    • Delivery adept: you know how to run a proficient product and delivery process

    • Instruct & learn: pedagogy matters to you, and you’re eager to both teach others and learn from others - no matter the seniority

    • Embrace “conflict”: you feel like having divergent opinions will help us find better solutions together

    • Whiteboard lover: you feel there is never enough whiteboards and always want to wireframe when you’re explaining your ideas.


    • Challenging work experience building and owning an ambitious product

    • Competitive compensation and equity package

    • Awesome colleagues with high ambitions

    • A strong product and technical culture

    • Lovely offices located in the heart of Paris + remote-friendly environment

    eFounders is committed to creating a diverse environment. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment irrespective of gender, origins, identity, background and orientations.

    We are aware there’s a long way to go with regards to diversity in our industry, which is why we encourage all applicants- and especially those listed above- to apply to our open positions.

    Hexa (eFounders)
    Hexa (eFounders)

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