Hexa (eFounders)

Hexa (eFounders)

  • Accompagnement d'entreprises, Incubateur / Accélérateur
  • Paris, Bruxelles
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  • Cohort is a B2B SaaS solution designed for small and medium D2C and retail businesses. Our solution empowers brands and organizations to recreate direct customer relationship online leveraging the NFT technology. With Cohort, brands can offer meaningful and personalised experience to their customers and communities without relying on third-party platforms.
  • At a time when consumers demand more privacy whilst longing for more personalised and immersive customer experience, the NFT technology brings flexibility, interoperability and control over personal data. The range of opportunities becomes limitless.
  • Whether experiences and services are attached to a physical good or to a membership card, Cohort supports a wide range of use cases.
  • Cohort was co-founded in March 2022 by Séraphie and Nathan. Only one month after our creation, we signed our first customers in France and in the US, including market leading brands like Etam.

What they're looking for

  • What we care about at Cohort is to attract people from various backgrounds and horizons. No "mirror effect" at Cohort, ensuring the diversity of profiles, skills and interests is at the heart of our recruitment approach. What brings us together: entrepreneurial spirit, curiosity and openness to change. To join us, you have to enjoy imagining the world of tomorrow.
  • We are looking for motivated, creative and autonomous people ready to contribute to our mission.
What they're looking for
Good to know

Good to know

Our team works from everywhere in France. We know how to work remotely, but we also like to see each other from time to time. Team retreats, events,… we meet regularly in Paris or elsewhere.

The work life balance is key at Cohort. Whether you want to spend time with your family, your friends, your partner, play sports, paint, visit exhibitions... we make sure that you have time for what you care about. Building a great company is a marathon, not a sprint.


Our mission is to help brands and business reconnect with their customers online.


Cohort is an early stage project. We are assembling a tight team focused on our mission: to restore a direct customer relationship between brands and their communities that respects user data.

  • Seraphie (CEO) and Nathan (CTO) are the founders of Cohort. Both of them have worked in big companies and early stage startups.
  • Seraphie spent 7 years in strategy consulting and then in a large French corporate, before joining Stratumn, a French B2B blockchain startup, in early 2018 as COO.
  • Nathan spent 10 years in SF at Google and Linkedin, before founding Tint.ai, an artificial intelligence startup. Upon his return to France, he joined Backmarket where he scaled the engineering teams.

Since our launch in early March, talents from tech leaders: Qonto, Backmarket,.. have joined us.

Tech Stack

Figma, Node.js, Typescript, Nest.js, React, PostgreSQL, Docker, TailwindCSS, Terraform, Google Cloud, Polygon blockchain