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Flexible and remote work are all the rage these days, but the thing is at Heetch, it’s always been like that. Between full remote workers all over the world, international offices and French headquarters, our system has been fully functional for some time: it’s a success!

Our secret? Spending quality time together.

Back in 2013, Teddy started Heetch with his co-founder Mathieu on the parking lots of Parisian nightclubs. The goal ? Showcasing their nocturnal ride-sharing service to young customers who’d missed the last train. Ten years and two fundraisings later, Heetch is now a professional 24/24 ride-hailing app covering more than ten countries and growing very fast, particularly in French-speaking Africa.

For more than 5 years, Perine has been developing original corporate culture and powerful moments for different start-ups. Joining Heetch after a mutual crush, she is now Culture & Internal Event Specialist.

In the company since 2016, Octave is one of the oldest Heetchers ! Starting his journey as a Customer Care Agent, he is now Front End Engineer. Wanna know how ?

After graduating from an Engineering school, Rosie joins the Operations team at Heetch. A year later, she became manager of this global team. She is now Head of Operations Solutions.

Pro of market analysis, Alexandre joins Heetch as Country Launcher. After having participated in the opening of Heetch in Morocco, Algeria and Angola, he is now Head of Country Launching.