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After graduating from EPITECH and working as a backend developer for a few years, Maxime felt the need to collaborate with customers directly while staying on the technical side of things. The Technical Support Engineer role was the perfect fit with a subtle balance between customer facing communications, technical investigations and problem solving. Since early 2020, Maxime's mission has been to offer the best technical assistance possible to Front's customers from all over the world, while being an active voice for them internally. When he's not behind his computer playing video games, you'll find him in the mountains ⛰️ hiking or enjoying curves on his motorcycle 🏍️.

Flavien, a recovering cheese addict, left his pet donkey and his accordion in the French Alps where he grew up for Paris, and never looked back! As a pioneer of Front's Paris office, he has worn countless hats over the years. He's hungry to make an impact by changing how we communicate forever.

Before moving to France and joining Front in January 2021, Dany worked for 3 years in an engineering consulting company in the United States. As a software engineer at Front, she works on developing features that allow customers to automate their workflows and be more productive. In her free time, you’ll find her (or not) reading a fantasy book, traveling or spending time with her family and friends.

After Engineering Studies at the Université de Technologie in Compiègne/France, Joris strived at gaining experience in various engineering fields, including frontend engineering for the French lottery company, as well as Sys/DevOps missions for SAP where he helped the Recruiting Posting team to change their CI/CD processes using container technologies — with Docker and Kubernetes. 
 Joris joined Front to take on new challenges and work on significant scalability issues. His objective is always to offer the best possible experience to users, and maximise availability, and performance.

Mathilde Collin is the co-founder and CEO of Front, the company that is reinventing the inbox for teams. 
 Front serves more than 3,500 companies in 88 countries. The company has raised $79 million in venture funding from various investors including Sequoia Capital, DFJ, and Uncork Capital.    Mathilde has been recognized in the list of Forbes 30 Under 30: Enterprise Tech 2017 and one of Inc.’s Rising Stars 2018. She is based of Front’s San Francisco headquarters, and she is originally from Paris/France, where she graduated from a Masters Entrepreneurship at the HEC School of Management, in 2012.

Laurent Perrin is the CTO and co-founder of Front. He is the technical mind behind the inbox that helps teams collaborate and communicate better.  
 Front serves more than 3,500 companies in 88 countries and has raised $79 million in venture funding from investors such as Sequoia Capital, DFJ, and Uncork Capital.  
 Laurent is originally from Paris where he graduated from Ecole Polytechnique and Telecom Paristech, in 2006. Since. Laurent spent more than 2 years in San Francisco with Front, scaling the product and the technical team while the company was growing. In early 2018 he moved back to Paris to open the french parisian office and build a distributed engineering team.

After finishing her studies between Egypt and Italy in interpretation, Nada decided to get a master's degree in international relations in Strasbourg's university in France. She then decided to use her acquired skills in the digital field and work in French tech start-ups. In 2021 Nada joined Front as an Onboarding Manager so she can combine her love for languages along with project management. Today Nada is guiding Front's EMEA based customers on how to get the most out of the platform and ensure a smooth change management for different user cases.

After 15 years spent in the Digital and Advertising industry, Chieu-Anh has joined Front in September 2018 as the first Success Manager in the Paris office.

Her mission is to provide best-in class Front customer experience by increasing Product adoption and engagement and ultimately high retention and expansion level.

While taking care of her 2 kids, she also posts on her blog articles where she shares her passion for Scotland and food best places.

After seven years as a data analyst, Baptiste decided that analyzing problems was not enough: he wanted to be part of the solution. He joined Front as the first Product Manager in the Paris office in 2019. His calling is to uncover customer needs, co-create a roadmap to fulfill them with his teams, and help Front delivering the best product for our users. Apart from knowing as most useless trivia as possible, Baptiste is the father of two kids, and has very strong opinions on data viz (pie charts are evil).

Before joining Front, Hortense worked for 8 years in a Design Consultancy in San Francisco, where she strengthen her expertise in Design Thinking, solving complex challenges in various fields —from mobility, to healthcare, to consumer electronics and services. She joined Front’s Paris team as their first Product Design Manager, eager to focus her impact on one product and design team, ensuring users are always at the core of every decisions.


Front is a customer operations platform that helps companies streamline communication. By combining the efficiency of a help desk/ticketing system with the familiarity of email, teams can deliver exceptional service at scale. Today, nearly 8,000 businesses have discovered that they can still grow their business and keep the human touch. To learn more, visit

Founded in 2013 by Mathilde Collin and Laurent Perrin, Front has raised $204 million in venture funding and counts 280 employees across the US and Europe.

What they are looking for

  • They strongly believe in their core values and look for them in every candidate. Check out the Front Culture Book:
  • At Front, communication is open, candid, and constructive to foster a culture of trust and integrity.
  • At Front, they strive to be generous and thoughtful in every interaction with each other and their customers.
  • At Front, they aim for excellence in everything they do and always go the extra mile for their customers.
  • At Front, everyone on the team shares in its impact, and they have the belief that they are better together than they are on their own.
  • At Front, they are eager to learn and are not afraid to admit a mistake in order to learn from it.

Good to know

  • ​​Front’s Future of Work plan supports company culture while retaining flexibility for employees to work happier. Most Fronteers work in office Tuesdays and Thursdays to benefit from in-person collaboration (enhanced learning, engagement, and team bonding.) The rest of the week you can skip your commute and work wherever suits you best!

  • In May 2021, Front implemented Flexible Fridays. What does it mean? Flexible Fridays are a dedicated day every week where Fronteers can be more focused on work and less distracted by meetings and pings. There are no regular internal meetings and no expectation to respond instantly—just much more time to focus on creative work and mental well-being.

  • Whether it is climbing, building Legos, doing crafts, playing board games, biking, singing at Karaoke nights, watching movie marathons, or enjoying a homemade DJ set done by a Fronteer, our office managers are always on the look out to invent new fun ways to be together. You have great ideas? Join us, so all Fronteers benefit from it!

  • In 2018, Front started the Front Foundation and adopted the Pledge 1 percent pledge for Corporate Philanthropy, pioneered by This means that 1% of the company's Equity is set aside for the charitable foundation, 1% of the Product is made available in the form of donations for qualified non-profits, and 1% of every employee's Time (3 days / year) is set aside for volunteering efforts. (

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