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Cybersecurity Engineer & Pentester

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🌟 Your Mission: Launch a Stellar Career in Cybersecurity with Escape 🌟

At Escape, we don’t offer ordinary internships or apprenticeships; we offer launchpads for future cybersecurity leaders. Here, you won’t just learn; you’ll innovate. If you’re a student exceptionally skilled in Graph Theory, Mathematics, and Algorithmics, and have a thirst for cutting-edge experience in cybersecurity, this is the life-changing opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

High-Impact Responsibilities

  • 👾 Exploit Engineering: Contribute to the development of sophisticated exploits using machine learning algorithms.

  • 🎯 Innovative Attack Strategies: Spearhead the creation of novel attack patterns based on emerging vulnerabilities.

  • 🌐 Advanced Testing: Validate cutting-edge exploits against high-profile bug bounties and real-world applications.

  • 📊 Graph-Theoretic Security Modeling: Utilize graph theory to develop innovative models for analyzing complex security networks.

  • 📝 Algorithmic Complexity: Conduct research to optimize the complexity of existing algorithms used in our security scans.

  • 🔍 Mathematical Analysis: Apply advanced mathematics to improve existing cybersecurity algorithms or develop new, more efficient algorithms.

  • 🤝 Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Engage in joint research and implementation projects with our Data Science and AI teams.

  • 🎓 Publish Research: Conduct research under expert supervision with the aim of publishing in top-tier cybersecurity and mathematical journals.

Profil recherché

Elite-Level Experience

  • 📚 Enrolled in an advanced program in Cybersecurity, Computer Science, Mathematics or related field (Master’s or PhD students preferred)

  • 🥇 Multiple CTF wins or top rankings in cybersecurity competitions

  • 📈 Proven expertise in Graph Theory, demonstrated by publications, projects, or coursework

  • 🛠 Exceptional programming skills in Python or Go, proven by a strong GitHub portfolio or equivalent

  • 🌐 Advanced knowledge of API design and development, proven by coursework or project experience

Exceptional Skills

  • 🗣 Fluent in English; proficiency in other languages, especially French, is highly advantageous

  • 💡 Demonstrated ability to think creatively and strategically

  • 🎓 Capacity for independent research and self-directed learning

Extraordinary Bonuses

  • 📜 Publications in recognized cybersecurity, graph theory, or computational mathematics journals

  • 🏆 National or international awards in cybersecurity, mathematics, or related fields

  • 🎙 Prior experience in public speaking or technical presentations

  • 🍻 Adept at networking and building professional relationships 😎

Déroulement des entretiens

  1. 🧠 First test to assess your skills

  2. 📞 RH Call to meet you

  3. 💪 Tech Challenge to see what you can do !

  4. 🤖 Meeting with someone from the tech team

  5. 🚀 Meeting with our CTO and Co-founder Antoine !

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