B2B Growth Marketer


B2B Growth Marketer

  • CDI 
  • Paris
  • Télétravail partiel possible
  • Bac +3
  • > 2 ans




  • Digital Marketing / Data Marketing, Stratégie, Marketing / Communication, Digital
  • Entre 15 et 50 salariés

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B2B Growth Marketer

  • CDI 
  • Paris
  • Télétravail partiel possible
  • Bac +3
  • > 2 ans

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Who are they?

Fuel Your Growth with Expert B2B Marketing

Founded by former Oracle, Salesforce, Hyperion, and Neolane marketing executive Etienne Viellard, Eleius is an expert B2B marketing consultancy, based in Paris. We partner with B2B companies to accelerate their growth in France and across international markets, offering a full range of services from our hands-on B2B marketing experts: go-to-market strategies, positioning and messaging strategies, brand identities, websites, online content, marketing technology stack recommendations, global prospect databases, and international ABM and growth lead generation campaigns.

Until recently, the majority of our customers have been growing French technology and service companies, but we have now expanded our offer to address the industrial sector as well. To date, we have helped more than 71 businesses successfully scale up their global marketing strategy and accelerate their international growth.

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Job description

About the Job

As an Eleius Growth Marketer, you will be in charge of leading and overseeing iterative global acquisition, conversion and retention campaigns in “test and learn” mode for our clients.

Under the direction of our Head of Growth Marketing, you will participate in auditing our clients’ growth models; interviewing, analyzing and profiling their buyers, and working with them to build a roster of marketing tactics scored according to the ICE method. You will then execute and test these tactics on an ongoing basis, following a strict, iterative process that has been established and followed by today’s most successful international growth agencies.

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It

You will work closely with other members of the Eleius team on various company projects, applying Eleius’ unique methodology and keeping to strict budgets and deadlines:

  • Account managers in charge of the client relationship;
  • English and French-speaking product marketing consultants, who are responsible for writing our clients’ global message platforms;
  • Designers and copywriters from the creative department;
  • Data consultants responsible for building our clients’ prospect databases; and
  • Other Growth consultants in charge of testing out different growth strategies.

You will be responsible for:

  • Testing out different growth strategies
  • Implementing global growth strategies (auditing accounts, making strategic and operational recommendations, redesigning accounts)
  • Handling operations for advertising accounts (Google Ads, FB Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Account Based Marketing)
  • Managing technical requirements (customer lists, tracking, attribution, draft experiments, automatic optimization, conversion set up) and business requirements (bidding strategies, ROI/ROAS)
  • Implementing growth strategies
  • Auditing and making recommendations on growth strategies for start-ups
  • Implementing growth strategies according to the AARRR model
  • Strategic - Objective / Feasibility / Impact / Time
  • Operational - Set up / Follow up / Decision


  • Overseeing and tracking various technical and business growth strategies (Scraping LinkedIn with Phantombuster; enriching data with Dropcontact x Clearbit; cold emailing with Lemlist; connecting via Zapier…)
  • Working with growth tools like Google Data Studio, Google Sheets x Supermetrics, Zapier, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Lemlist…

Preferred experience

What We’re Looking For

  • You want to learn. If you don’t yet master the tools and processes listed above, we will help you hone your skills until you’re a grand master!
  • You’re creative, proactive, and disciplined when it comes to seeing a project through to completion.
  • You’re a good salesperson–you know how to pitch your ideas!
  • You’re a doer at heart who takes on new challenges with gusto and a smile!
  • Bonus points if you already know your way around advertising tools (i.e. Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc.)
  • Experience with growth tools is a plus (Airtable, Zapier, Notion, Phantombuster, etc.)

Soft skills

  • You work well on a team
  • Enjoy learning and exchanging new ideas
  • Naturally curious
  • Humble and unpretentious
  • Passionate
  • Good-natured; able to handle stress and maintain grace under pressure
  • Committed to being an active participant at a demanding, fast-growing agency
  • Able to manage tight deadlines

Educational Requirements

The equivalent of a French “Bachelor” degree (3+ years of higher education) or French “Master” degree (5+ years of higher education)

Required Experience

2-3 years of experience working in growth at a startup, or as a freelancer, is preferable.



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