Industrial MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowship Application - Image/Video analysis, biometry, deep-learning, AI

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    Industrial MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowship Application - Image/Video analysis, biometry, deep-learning, AI

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    Since 2010, ARIADNEXT publishes the most advanced automated digital identification solutions. We offer companies and governments the opportunity to instantly build trusted relationships with their online users and citizens.
    ARIADNEXT offers its customers 4 products, seen as references, setting the standard:

    Today, an international company, ARIADNEXT employs more than 100 people in Rennes, Paris, Madrid, Bucharest, Warsaw and Amsterdam, and aims to double its workforce within 3 years.
    At ARIADNEXT, we are a Team; women and men passionate about our professions. We love challenges and cultivate a taste for science.

    We share a common desire: to offer the best product; an original product we have designed and whose features we master. Therefore, we all work together with the same attention to detail to improve it day after day and make it a product we can all be proud of.
    We promote freedom of action and creative emulation.
    We attach great importance to the human being and the quality of the relationships we maintain within the team.

    Conviviality, humor, and indulgence are our guilty pleasures.

    Job description

    THE JOB ?

    We propose to excellent young PhDs to apply with us for a MSCA postdoctoral fellowship on topics like biometrics (presentation attack detection, deep-fake detection, …), document/image/video analysis, optical character recognition, machine learning, cryptography.
    If your project is funded by the European Commission, you will join our team of PhDs and engineers combining applied research (Image, Artificial Intelligence, Biometrics, Document) and product development. You will develop state-of-the-art techniques to improve our flagship automatic identification solution based on both high-level facial recognition and advanced identity document analysis. Our technologies also employ Presentation Attack Detection approaches via the analysis of video captured during the identification session.

    You will work in a stimulant environment focused on innovation and research. ARIADNEXT participates in several collaborative projects at the national and European level, these collaborations will be the opportunity for you to be in contact with renowned researchers from different institutions.
    ARIADNEXT places great importance on producing quality research, and our researchers are strongly encouraged to participate in scientific conferences and to write papers.

    Preferred experience

    YOU ?

    With a PhD in biometrics, machine learning, or signal processing (image, video, audio), you are attracted by the concrete realization and development of an industrial quality product.
    You are particularly interested in the new fields of application opened up by the latest scientific advances in your field of expertise.
    You are curious and interested in open source, and are comfortable navigating large code bases.
    You have previous experience with the following environments: C++, Python, OpenCV, Pytorch, Tensorflow, Keras.

    Please note: You are submitting an Expression of Interest to apply for a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Postdoctoral Fellowship with the support of ARIADNEXT. This is not a job application.

    Additional information:
    Eligibility criteria:
    You must have received your PhD before September 2021
    You must not have more than 8 years’ experience in research (starting from the obtention of your PhD degree)
    You should not have spent more than 12 months in France in the past 3 years

    Recruitment process

    • Short interview with Louise, our talent recruiter
    • Interview with the head of the research team + proposition of a research project

    Meet the team

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    Questions and answers about the offer
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