Paris, Barcelona, Lille

Organization and methodologies

They organise their teams into Tribes and Squads, where each Squad is cross-functional team led by an Engineering Manager. They believe in giving their teams maximum Autonomy so that they can deliver with the least amount of friction and dependency as possible. They also want their teams to care deeply about their work, as such they encourage a strong sense of ownership on their domains, the solutions they choose and the way they work.

They care deeply about "sustainable delivery" which means maintaining minimal tech-debt, testing, documentation and kick-ass tooling (we have a Developer XP Tribe) so that their teams can easily iterate on their code to bring business value to Ankorstore.

Recruitment process

You will get the chance to meet their professional hiring team in the different phases of the recruitment process:

  • First of all, you will be conducting a 30 mins video call with one of their Tech Talent Acquisition Partners to introduce Ankorstore values, assess some behavioral skills and check your interest to the role and the company.
  • Afterwards, you will get the chance to meet one of their Senior Software Engineers during a 90 mins video call who will assess your technical skills that are relevant to the role.
  • Finally and as a final step, you will be meeting their Engineering Manager through a 60 mins video call in order to get to know each other in order to make the hire decision.

Latest job listings

No openings for now, please check back in a few days!


Ankorstore is on a mission to rewild retail.

With decades of experience in retail and building marketplaces, in 2019 the Ankorstore founding team knew it was time to create a global wholesale solution – one that swings the balance in favour of independents and restores retail to its natural order. They’ve created a new ecosystem that harnesses the power of modern technology to create a mutually beneficial community that reinvents the way brands and retailers work together. As a result, wild independents can thrive.

What they are looking for

Ankorstore is a team of diverse individuals with one important thing in common – ambition. They aim to help you unleash your talent and continually develop as you strive to be your best.

You’ll have the opportunity to grow in your role, get a promotion, and even move locally or internationally. Ankorstore leadership has an entrepreneurial mindset and love when their teams take big risks and make radical choices. They’re scaling fast and looking to grow their team with world-class candidates that support their vision of rewilding retail!

Good to know

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