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Contamination referent (all genders)

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Expérience : > 3 ans

ACC - Automotive Cells Company
ACC - Automotive Cells Company

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Le poste

Descriptif du poste

Main responsibilities

-        Implements, specifies and supervises the Technical Cleanliness guidelines and standards for the Factory, processes, equipment, material and personnel flows, gowning, cleaning etc

-        Implements the validation and analysis procedures for the cleanrooms, cleanliness grade areas, raw materials and generally the technical cleanliness of the product acc. to the control plan acc. ISO 14644, ISO 16232 and VDA 19

-        Supervises and supports the clean and dry room trainings and makes sure that the protocols for the cleaning are followed by the operators and the cleaning crews

-        Supports with measurements and verifies the in-line decontamination methods, on-line cleaning methods and protocols for the processes for their efficiency. Proposes improvements

-        Verifies the material quality (for construction, machines, operations and raw material/packaging) to conform with Technical Cleanliness

-        Supports the quality team with the cleanroom, process and product non-conformities and runs 8Ds, RCAs etc

-        Gives feedback to the Supplier Quality and Supplier Development teams regarding non-conformities of the incoming material relevant to the technical cleanliness specs

-        Gives feedback and instructions to the maintenance and industrialization team to manage the performance of the clean room

-        Report the status of the line regarding technical cleanliness to the Production and Quality managers and proposes improvements and actions in case of non-conformities

The position will be located at our headquarters in Bordeaux ( France) for 1 year before being permenantly shifted to Kaiserlautern (Germany).

Profil recherché

Knowledge / Know how
Experience in HVAC and clean and dry room construction and operations
Experience in technical cleanliness analysis and clean room validation activities
Excellent knowledge of ISO 14644, ISO 16232, VDA 19

Experience (domain, number of years)
3-5 years of experience in Technical Cleanliness and clean room design, construction and operations in the pharmaceutical, food, microelectronics, battery or relevant industries.

Qualifications (diplomas,…)
BAC STL, Mechanical Engineer, Chemical Engineer, Physicist or Chemist

Key behaviours
Eye for the detail, result-driven, problem-solving, proactive and persistent, methodical, communicative, multi-tasking, able to guide and coordinate different teams in a single purpose, takes pride and is role model in his job

Some extra skills which make the difference
Knowledge of analytical methods (optical microscopy, SEM-EDX, ICP-MS, discrete particle counting etc)
Experience of the automotive industry and battery manufacturing
Knowledge in HVAC design
Experience in flowvent simulation
Experience in Technical Cleanliness in mass production environment

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