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Ismaël OULD a grandi dans une famille d'hôteliers parisiens où il a appris la valeur travail.

Entrepreneur dans l'âme, c'est en 2014, après plusieurs années de médecine qu'il décide de se lancer et d'apporter sa pierre à la mutation digitale du retail en créant WYND.

Lilian a commencé sa carrière en tant que développeur Java sur plusieurs projets en ESN. En 2011, à la suite de la montée en puissance des technologies Javascript il s'oriente vers le développement front.

Après avoir rejoint la famille Wynd courant 2016, il s'imposa rapidement comme référence dans le front-end."

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Wynd develops the first unified commerce platform empowering retailers to address new consumer needs: access to any products, anywhere, anytime, for anyone. We’re allowing them to make their omnichannel transformation, to leverage all their resources to serve the customer better. Our solution was developed around 2 expertises : order intake and fulfillment. It is a modular SaaS platform. It fits into existing information systems, allowing for the fast deployment of new services and customer journeys.

Since 2014, more than 100 customers in 18 countries have relied on us for their omnichannel transformation. Among them : Carrefour, Franprix, Central Group, Galeries Lafayette, Crate & Barrel, Sodexo...

Wynd counts 400 experts, 3500 functionalities, and has raised a total of 112m€ to develop its technology and expand globally. We built a proprietary platform using the latest technologies (Symfony, REST API, React, TypeScript, Python…) is hosted on an Azure Cloud architecture.

What they are looking for

Four values are important to us: collaboration, learning, excellence and trust.

We’re looking for passionate and motivated coworkers who want to bring their expertise to the transformation of retail. You should definitely have an entrepreneurial mindset and have demonstrated your commitment, leadership and ability to deliver.

Good to know

At Wynd we are eager to learn, and we like to share our expertise:

Every Wyndian has the opportunity to participate in external events: technical and internal conferences (BBL, meetup, DotJS, BestOfWeb, Symfony Live ...)

The Wynd Academy is here to help every employee who wish to learn about technical and functional topics which are, indeed, the very essence of our know-how and expertise in omnichannel.

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