SaaS / Cloud Services, Software

Paris, World

Sales Team 

Our mission is to deliver the right value proposition to ensure Strapi is the best fit for our prospects' and customers' projects. We believe in continuous learning,  a fundamental to legitimizing your recommendations and succeeding in convincing your customers to adopt your solution. 

We believe in gratefulness: Respect the product and commit to the choices the engineering team has made (amongst their endless backlog and all the trade-offs)  We believe in sharing. Salespeople should always take the time to share a few sentences, a screenshot, a comment... or whatever it is that gives Developers a real idea of the final usage of the product. 

People and Talent team

The mission of the People team is to secure and functional remote working environment. We aim to build a unique and inclusive workspace and strengthen teams and belonging.  Guiding principles It's all about humans. We strive to focus on Strapi's values and promote them via all our policies and processes.

The mission of the Talent team is to grow a healthy team of builders and solution-focused people. Our goal is to transparently showcase our unique company personality, culture, values, and mission. We want to align the global strategy with talent management. We make sure to train and coach hiring managers to offer a great candidate experience.