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Software Engineer (Javascript & Angular) - End of studies internship - Paris

Job summary
Internship(5 to 6 months)
Salary: €1.8K to 2K a month
Starting date: January 05, 2025
Occasional remote
Education: Bachelor's Degree
Skills & expertise
Generated content
Communication skills
Mechanical skills


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Job description


🔎 In a nutshell, what are we looking for?

We are looking for someone with a first experience in component based Front-End frameworks, preferably Angular (v.2 and higher). You will be joining the team of Camille, Antoine,Guillaume & Victor! Due to our growth, this number is likely to increase quite rapidly.

We are looking for a future Stockler who can start in December/January/February 2025.

🏈 About your future Team

We are looking for passionate and motivated people!

Meet Camille, in charge of the team in this video.

Meet Camille, in charge of the team in this video.

🧑‍🚀 About your future job

We use Angular TS (latest version), served by Rust backend services. We develop using the Agile process with the help of Github and Notion for ticket management. We follow Google coding best practices (Mono-repo, micro-services, etc).

We work with a state-of-the-art stack using the latest versions of Angular (as well as Rust and PostgreSQL). If you’re new to Angular, we have team members experienced in React and Vue to guide you through the transition. We maintain comprehensive documentation on onboarding and coding standards. Our monorepo codebase is consistently linted and formatted with flexible ESLint, Stylelint, and Prettier rules to ensure seamless development. The Front-end apps communicate with Rust services via gRPC, we deploy with Docker through a robust CI/CD pipeline. You can expect interesting programming problems, minimal task management and straightforward team meetings. We’re always open to ideas for improving development workflows and projects at Stockly.

🥊 Challenges: what are the challenges / problems you will solve?

Participating to the development of several Front-End projects such as:

  • Implementing Stockly back-office’s Front-end

  • Creating and monitoring dashboards for suppliers

  • Creating our own CRM from scratch, for this mission you will work with a Product Designer specialized in Figma

📚 Learnings: what will you learn?

  • Understand how Stockly works internally to add even more value to the company

  • How e-commerce works, business models, used technology, problems retailers encounter every day

  • How to use the best processes to keep the organization super efficient and to help you reach your objectives

🔭 Projection: At Stockly, you make the collective grow and we want to make you grow as well, what would be the next moves for you with us?

  • Possibility to have a lot of weight over how we do things - we are still a young company

  • Improving processes to help scale the team

💝 About your future benefits

  • Competitive packages: for this position, package range is typically 1500-2000€ depending on the profile (e.g. basic knowledge to expert). (e.g. basic knowledge to expert). We have a well defined and objective salary grid that is based on both skills level and scarcity of profiles 💸

  • Meal vouchers by Swile 🍽️

  • 50% reimbursement of your Navigo Pass 🚋

  • A central and amazing working environment in le Sentier (Paris) 💼

  • Flexible and remote-friendly policy 🏡

  • Possibility to take a few paid days-off to be discussed with Team Leader 🏄

  • Stockly dinners together every other Thursday 🍻

  • Stockly breakfasts together every other Friday 🥐

  • Coffee, tea and fruits available everyday 🍇

  • Climbing, football & more team 🧗

  • If your internship goes well for both you and Stockly, why not join us? We are growing fast, there is space for every amazing people!

⚙️ About how we work

  • Every team has a daily meeting to align on priorities and solve issues ⇒ You won’t be left alone!

  • Every Monday we have a global weekly meeting where every team shares what they are working on and what they will do for the coming week ⇒ You will have visibility on the whole company!

  • Every quarter we have our OKR meeting (Objectives, Key Results) where each team shows the results of the previous quarter and the objectives of the following one ⇒ You will see the company grow and your own role inside of it!

  • During all these meetings everyone can challenge each other and all questions are more than welcome ⇒ Transparency is one of our key values, and we are always open to new ideas!

Preferred experience

We are looking for a great balance between hard skills and soft skills !

🧑 💻 Hard skills

  • Logic: you love logical problems and are strong in reasoning 📐

  • Data driven

  • Education: from an engineering background 🎓

  • Languages: Fluent in English 🇬🇧

🤝 Soft skills

  • Smart, curious and a fast learner: you don’t know everything, but you can learn anything

  • Tenacious: you never give up even when it is complex

  • Ambitious: you are ready to reshape the global e-commerce landscape with us

  • Nice, humble and friendly: you love learning from others and humbly sharing knowledge with them

  • Autonomous and hard working: you know how to manage your tasks independently and ask for help when needed

👊 So if you see yourself in the shoes of a Stockler - don’t hesitate! 👊

Recruitment process

🏎️ Our process goes fast, we are reactive and we adapt to your availabilities, we can typically go through the whole process in 2-3 weeks:

  1. 25min video-call with a member of our Talent Acquisition team - To understand your background and motivations, and reply to your questions

  2. 45min JS, Python or Rust entry-test to be sent by email - You will have some time to do it at home

  3. 1-hour face to face (or remote) interview with our Camille - To have a deeper discussion

  4. 🎉 Final offer🎉

🏡 Part of the process can be done remotely if you have constraints

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