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About Sonio

Each year, 140M children are born. Birth defects affect 1 in 33 births in developed countries, and in 50% of cases, they are not detected during prenatal examinations. Prenatal medicine is particularly complex, and the scans impose heavy responsibilities on healthcare professionals. They can also be a source of stress for future parents.

Resulting from 5 years of collaboration between world-renowned experts from Necker Hospital and Ecole Polytechnique, Sonio uses artificial intelligence to improve prenatal screening and diagnosis. Based on patented algorithms and a proprietary expert database, Sonio aims to become the reference tool to help practitioners improve screening, reduce diagnostic errors, and optimize pregnant women’s medical path.

Sonio's mission is to improve women's and children's health by promoting access and quality of care through technological innovation, medical expertise, and collective intelligence.

About the role

You will be joining our clinical team. Through this internship, you will have a great understanding of clinical work in an AI software company. You will lead a clinical study end to end from data collection to writing.

Specifically you’ll learn and do:

  • process of clinical study (ethics/partnerships)

  • data collection & associated framework

  • data management/handling/analysis in Python/SQL/Excel

  • writing / reading scientific publications

Preferred experience

Sonio is a mission-driven company so interest in our mission is critical. Other requirements are:

  • You are finishing your M2 engineering degree

  • You have some coding skills (Matlab or Python)

  • You have some stats knwoledge (at least theory)

  • You are comfortable doing scientific reading

  • You are fluent both in French and English

Localisation: Paris

Salary: €1000 - €1500

We move fast and aspire to be transparent over the process - our objective is that the process from the first chat to an offer is no longer than a month. We also aspire to give an answer to every application in a week - if you have not heard from us, please follow up at

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