Lead Front-End Developer

Lead Front-End Developer

  • 34, Rue Laffitte, Paris, 75009
  • Permanent contract 
    Starting date:
    €63K to 80K
    Open to full remote
    Education: Not specified
    Experience: > 4 years

    Who are they?


    • Based in: Paris or full-remote position (1-hour difference from Paris timezone)

    • Contract: Full-time permanent contract

    • Manager:Loïc, Engineering Manager 

    • Team: Engineering department, Merchant value squad

    • Budget: from 63 to 80k€

    Shipup is a 60+ people company that envisions a world where brands keep their promises along the entire customer journey.

    That’s why we enable brands to take control over the most volatile part of the customer experience —the post-purchase— so they increase brand loyalty and save support costs

    Our values

    • ✊ Ownership We choose to be here and to do what we do. We are responsible for our objectives and for the output of our work.

    • 💡 Initiative Taking action without direction from above to improve our knowledge and come up with solutions to problems. Initiative is a key reason for success, and places an obligation not to stifle it.

    • 👨‍👦 Empowerment We encourage those below us to take action and support them if they make mistakes. We explain what we want accomplished and allow flexibility in how it is accomplished.

    • 🧸 Caring Being concerned about our co workers, our customers and the customers of our customers.

    • 🏋️‍ Ambition Always seeing bigger and having a strong desire and determination to succeed.

    Job description

    📕 Context

    At Shipup, we enjoy working with humble engineers who seek to work in a learning, collaborative and friendly environment.

    Our developers come from diverse education backgrounds and know how to use & adapt their tools according to the challenges. They do care and are proud of how they do their stuff but also why.

    They enjoy contributing to the company & product activities that allow them to make an impact beyond the code itself.

    In this role, you will lead and implement the technical front-end roadmap and architecture for our product. You will ensure that the front-end codebase is of the highest quality and drive the continuous improvement of our front-end development processes and practices. Additionally, you will also participate in building new features and improvements for the product.

    🛍 As a Lead Front End Developer @Shipup,

    You will lead the front-end topics, ensure we maintain high-quality code and unlock new product capabilities. Our ideal candidate not only ensures high-quality code and improves quality attributes, but also inspires and mentors developers on front-end best practices.

    In the short term, we are focused on completing impactful topics, such as finishing the foundation and the adoption of our design system and migrating to TypeScript, while fostering strong collaboration between developers and designers.

    In the medium to long term, we want to keep our codebase up to date and evolve it following industry standards, tackle new front-end topics that support the product strategy and ensure that our front-end implementations are properly integrated.

    To learn more about how we’ve tackled front-end challenges in our growing team, check out our recent blog article here, which provides valuable insights into our approach to handling front-end topics.

    🙌 Our team

    You’ll join a team of seventeen people led by Léa (CPTO), Florian (VP of Engineering) and Simon (Head of Technology)

    This team is divided into two squads :

    • Online-shopper perceived value : this squad has the ownership of all features that are directly dedicated to end-customers. Squad members will focus on features for which the benefits are mainly perceived by / or directed towards the latter.

    • Merchant perceived value (where we are hiring) : this squad has the ownership of all features that benefit directly the Merchants. Squad members will focus on providing our merchant’s operations and CS teams with the tools and resources they need to be successful.

    Your time will be split between your lead responsibilities and the product development responsibilities.

    You’ll often meet with the technical leaders (CTO, VP Eng, EM) to sync on the front-end roadmap and be challenged on your decisions.

    You will also collaborate with product designers to ensure we deliver a very good user experience yet in an effective way.successful.

    You can learn more about our internal organization, technical challenges, methods and approaches thanks to our engineering blog and engineering page on Welcome to the Jungle.

    👩‍💻 Our stack


    • Ruby on Rails and Go for backend

    • TypeScript, React (with Hooks), Redux, React Testing Library, CSS Modules, Webpack (with federated modules) for frontend

    • Hosted on GCP

    • Datadog, LogDNA, Sentry for monitoring

    • Monolithic infrastructure + introduction of microservices (for about a year, 3 services today)

    • PostgreSQL + Elasticsearch + RabbitMQ + Redis for storage

    • Kubernetes + Docker for ops


    • Asana, project management tool

    • Slack, messaging platform

    • Notion, documentation platform

    • PayFit, payroll & compliance for french talents

    • Lattice, people success platform

    • Deel, payroll & compliance for international talents

    Preferred experience

    🌟 You could be a good fit if

    • You have a deep knowledge of front-end technology, including React & its ecosystem, Typescript, and the overall component-based/Design System approach.

    • You have at least a first experience in a lead technical role. Make sure it appears clearly on your CV.

    • You have a high willingness and ability to transmit knowledge

    • You’re curious and keeping up to date with industry novelties

    • You are willing to do both technical lead-oriented missions but also product development

    • You show a product and end-user interest + UX & UI sensibility.

    Nice to have

    • Your architecture skills don’t stop at the front-end layer

    • You’ve some experience in project management

    • You are part of a front-end community

    If you have some back-end skills that you still want to practice, it’s more than ok. Having a full-stack profile with a strong front-end orientation is more than welcome.

    What you’ll get 👐

    🌍 International : we acknowledge our differences and celebrate them. D&I in our place of work is something we require every employee to champion.

    🧸 People-centric company : our people matter, work-life balance is important at Shipup. Our employees talk about it here.

    🗃 Startup spirit & structured environment : a fast-paced environment, where there is a lot to learn but, at the same time, you are in a mature, organized environment with a clear product vision

    📚 Career growth : talent management is essential for us. From onboarding and performance management to career development, we have already a mature organization and the managers to help you grow

    🧠 Seniority : our team is mostly composed of senior talents, ideal for learning and growing quickly

    💻 High-quality equipment: latest Macbook Pro or equivalent

    Recruitment process

    Our hiring process is structured to avoid bias and ensure fair assessment of all our candidates. 
    Our interviews are suited to our flex remote policy, it means you can choose whether you want to attend them on-site or remotely.

    ☎️ 45min l Screening interview withQuentin, our Talent Acquisition Manager To better understand your career plan and answer any of your questions

    📝 02:00 l Technical test @Home To get a quick overview of your hard skills

    👀 02:00 l Technical interviews (front-end architecture & algo) To evaluate your hard skills

    🤝 01:30 l Top grading interview withLoïc
    To understand your career story and evaluate your position related soft skills

    😂 Drinks or lunch with the team To ensure that you will be in line with our values and culture

    End notes

    If you don’t meet 100% of the qualifications outlined above - that’s okay, nobody’s perfect! We believe in hiring people, not just skills. We encourage you to apply if you think this is a role that would make you excited to come to work every day.

    Shipup is an equal opportunity employer and values diversity at our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.


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