Engineering Manager / Lead Developer

Engineering Manager / Lead Developer

  • 51, Rue de Chabrol, Paris, 75010
  • Permanent contract 
    Starting date:
    Salary between €73K and €85K
    Possible full remote
    Education: Not specified
    Experience: > 4 years

    Who are they?

    • Based in: Paris or full-remote position (1-hour difference from Paris timezone)

    • Contract: : Full-time permanent contract

    • Manager: Florian, VP of Engineering

    • Team: Engineering, Merchant value squad

    • Start date : from June 2023

    • Budget: from 73k to 85k€

    Shipup is a 55+ people company that envisions a world where brands keep their promises along the entire customer journey.

    That’s why we enable brands to take control over the most volatile part of the customer experience —the post-purchase— so they increase brand loyalty and save support costs

    Job description

    One of our cross-functional squad is looking for their new engineering manager !

    You’ll have the opportunity to lead an autonomous team of experienced & open-minded developers eager to build innovative ideas for our customers.

    We are looking for an enthusiastic person who values all pillars of Engineering Management : A manager with a product sense, having a solid technical background, attentive to efficiency who deeply cares about their team, makes them grow while ensuring their well-being.

    Being an engineering manager at Shipup is the opportunity to join a team, with an already installed engineering culture, that looks for improvement continuously. Thus, we’re looking for managers who will bring their perspectives, feedback, ideas, and take ownership of impactful projects, not only at the squad level but also at the department and company level.

    Working in a close relationship with our various experienced technical leaders, we’ll help you broaden your management skills and sharpen your existing ones.

    Outcome & Responsibilities

    As a manager, your responsibilities will span across different levels :


    • Guide developers in their career development and personal growth

    • Ensure the well-being of developers

    Team level

    • Instill company values in their squad

    • Provide constant direction and multiple-horizon vision to the squad

    • Ensure a good flow of work and quality deliverables

    • Oversee the building of new product features from the discovery part to the deployment part

    • Collaborate with the squad’s product members

    • Build a united, close team

    Department level

    • Surface squad & department problems

    • Help improve the engineering team principles & processes

    Company Level

    • Give feedback or participate in company-wide initiatives such as OKRs, performance reviews, employees benefits,…

    Our team

    You’ll join a team of twelve people led by Léa (CPTO), Florian (VP of Engineering) and Simon (Head of Technology).

    This team is divided into two squads :

    • Online-shopper perceived value : this squad has the ownership of all features that are directly dedicated to end-customers. Squad members will focus on features for which the benefits are mainly perceived by / or directed towards the latter.

    • Merchant perceived value (where we are hiring) : this squad has the ownership of all features that benefit directly the Merchants. Squad members will focus on providing our merchant’s operations and CS teams with the tools and resources they need to be successful.

    Organization & How the team works

    Our Tech & Product team relies on a robust framework, which allows developers to work on the projects that are most valuable to our customers and also considers the technical evolutions necessary for the good health and maintainability of the product.

    • Multidisciplinary teams following the squad philosophy : get one Engineering Manager, one Product Manager and one Product Designer in each team

    • Good & recognized development practices : review groups, pair-programming, continuous delivery, slack time, extensive documentations…

    • Quarterly roadmap executed in 2 weeks sprints with integrated feedback loops

    • On-call process : each week, a different member of the team has to take care of the application monitoring as well as customer requests and issues. It’s a great opportunity to be closer to the end-user and collaborate with other Shipup teams.

    You can learn more about our internal organization, technical challenges, methods and approaches thanks to our engineering blog and engineering page on Welcome to the Jungle.

    👩‍💻 Our stack


    • Ruby on Rails and Go for backend

    • TypeScript, React (with Hooks), Redux, React Testing Library, CSS Modules, Webpack (with federated modules) for frontend

    • Hosted on GCP

    • Datadog, LogDNA, Sentry for monitoring

    • Monolithic infrastructure + introduction of microservices (for about a year, 3 services today)

    • PostgreSQL + Elasticsearch + RabbitMQ + Redis for storage

    • Kubernetes + Docker for ops


    • Asana, project management tool

    • Slack, messaging platform

    • Notion, collaboration platform

    • PayFit, payroll & compliance for french talents

    • Lattice, people success platform

    • Deel, payroll & compliance for international talents

    Preferred experience

    • Having at least a first experience as an engineering manager in a cross-functional team.

    • Technical knowledge of SaaS software in terms of architecture & infrastructure.

    • Hands-on coding is preferred. Knowing some parts of our stack might help (Rails, Go, React, PostgreSQL, Redis, ES, GCP, Docker, Kubernetes, DataDog, …) but is far from being mandatory

    • Project management skills like prioritization, planning, work allocation, … in an agile context

    • Knowledge of concepts linked to work efficiency

    • At ease discussing product related topics with product people and knows how to collaborate easily with peers from other departments

    • You show leadership, give direction to the team and lead the boat, especially in difficult periods

    • You know how to adapt your communication according to the various stakeholder

    Appreciated personal traits

    • Curiosity: You naturally seek to learn about new trends and are eager to understand things in detail

    • Fast learner: You can readily learn most technology or practices as you go. To you, technologies are about tools and tradeoffs, not an ideology

    • Demanding of quality work: You pay attention to details, appreciate efficient & quality work, and don’t hide from difficulties

    • You have a profound desire to make people around you better

    Recruitment process

    Our hiring process is structured to avoid bias and ensure fair assessment of all our candidates. 
    Our interviews are suited to our flex remote policy, it means you can choose whether you want to attend them on-site or remotely.

    ☎️ 45min l Screening interview withQuentin, our Talent Acquisition Manager
    **To better understand your career plan and answer any of your questions

    👀 02 :00 l Focused interview
    To evaluate your skills on development, product/business acumen, people management & process/project management

    🤝 01:00 l Top grading interview
    To understand your career story and evaluate your position related soft skills

    😂 01:30 l Fit interview with the team
    To ensure that you will be in line with our values and culture

    What you’ll get…

    🌍 International : we acknowledge our differences and celebrate them. D&I in our place of work is something we require every employee to champion.

    🧸 People-centric company : our people matter, work-life balance is important at Shipup. Our employees talk about it here.

    🗃 Startup spirit & structured environment : a fast-paced environment, where there is a lot to learn but, at the same time, you are in a mature, organized environment with a clear product vision

    📚 Career growth : talent management is essential for us. From onboarding and performance management to career development, we have already a mature organization and the managers to help you grow

    🧠 Seniority : our team is mostly composed of senior talents, ideal for learning and growing quickly

    💻 High-quality equipment: latest Macbook Pro or equivalent


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