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What we believe & how we work

To all entrepreneurs everywhere,

For too long, you’ve been forced to use financial solutions that were time-consuming and counter-intuitive. Instead of living your passions and focusing on building successful businesses, you’ve had to deal with endless bureaucracy that adds zero value.

At Qonto, we’ve decided to take action and help SMEs protect their most precious resources: time, energy and focus. We’re creating the finance solution that energizes SMEs and freelancers.

To get there, we’re taking a stand against what’s broken in the system. From the inside. This means defending teamwork over silos, autonomy over obedience, thinking over routine, customers over processes. This means that our entire company model revolves around one invaluable element: people.

We believe that if we understand what we do and why we do it, and if each of us sees work as an opportunity to learn, only then will we accomplish our mission. This is our culture. We call it the Qonto Way.

Ambition 🚀

We tackle big challenges no matter what.

Teamwork 🏆

We create magic by collaborating at the same speed.

Mastery 🌟

We pursue excellence through continuous learning and face challenges humbly everyday.

Integrity 🤝

We are transparent and trustworthy with our clients and each other.

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