Licenses Brands

  • Christian Louboutin Beauté
Christian Louboutin Beauté

Christian Louboutin Beauté

From the iconic sole of his shoe design to his daring nail lacquer: red is the signature of Christian Louboutin’s world.

Created in 2014, Christian Louboutin offers make-up collections for lips, nails and eyes, as well as perfumes that enhance a woman’s allure.The beauty range employs uses the codes that have made the reputation of this prolific designer: a playful spirit, passion and innovation. In March 2018, Puig and Christian Louboutin announced a long-term license agreement for the creation, development and distribution of beauty lines under the Christian Louboutin label. Puig and Christian Louboutin share the same forward-looking vision and a genuine sense of collaboration, since the designer remains personally committed and maintains control of creating his "beauty products unlike any other".

  • Comme des Garçons Parfums
Comme des Garçons Parfums

Comme des Garçons Parfums

Iconic, iconoclastic: since the brand's creation in Tokyo in 1969, Comme des Garçons has exerted an inestimable influence on fashion. The creative vision of its founder, Rei Kawakubo is unshackled by conventions of gender, beauty or luxury.

In 2002, Puig signed an agreement with Comme des Garçons for the licensed production of the brand's premium fragrances. Each fragrance is imagined as a unique olfactory expression of the Comme des Garçons aesthetic. Non-conformist and genderless, Comme des Garçons fragrances are not made to appeal to everyone. And yet, they are known to inspire mad devotion in those who fall under their spell.

  • Dries Van Noten
Dries Van Noten

Dries Van Noten

Dries Van Noten is an the emblematic figures of the “Antwerp Six”, the collective of Belgian designers who revolutionized fashion culture in the mid-1980s.

An influential figure in fashion for more than 30 years, Dries Van Noten cultivates a free and independent spirit, untouched by trends. After 30 years at the head of his prestigious independent house, Dries Van Noten set out in search of a solid strategic partner to support his brand in its future developments. In June 2018, Puig acquired a majority stake in fashion house. Dries Van Noten remains a significant minority shareholder of his brand, and continues to serve as Creative Director and Chairman of the Board.

  • L'artisan Parfumeur
L'artisan Parfumeur

L'artisan Parfumeur

Jean Laporte, a chemist, became a perfumer by experimenting with exceptional plants, composing new combinations of fragrances from a palette of natural essences.

Distilled from the most refined raw materials, his compositions have earned fame among fragrance aficionados. Mûre et Musc, the label’s flagship composition, was immediately hailed as a masterpiece and entered the pantheon of perfumery. Puig acquired the Maison in 2015, with the firm desire to restore the brand's image. The following year, L’Artisan Parfumeur unveiled its tastefully redesigned boutiques, many of which feature mini-gardens containing essences used in the brand's fragrances. The original catalog of L’Artisan Parfumeur fragrances has been expanded with new compositions, including Les Paysages, a collection inspired by French landscapes and La Botanique, a collection which evokes the phantasmagorical plants of an imaginary garden.

  • Penhaligon's


William Penhaligon, a barber by profession, arrived in London in hopes of making his fortune. He ultimately became known as the father of British perfumery. In his boutique on Jermyn Street, Penhaligon sold his own perfumes and toiletries to wealthy Londoners. His fame grew, and he was appointed barber at the royal court and perfumer to Queen Victoria. Queen Alexandra granted Penhaligon’s her first royal mandate in 1903.

Penhaligon’s fragrances draw their inspiration from Great Britain, its traditions, its history and its landscapes. After acquiring Penhaligon’s in 2015, Puig focused on refurbishing the crown jewel of British perfumery, shaping a bright future for the brand. Puig has created a signature retail environment for Penhaligon's, where customers are invited to discover the House's fragrances: both reinterpretations of archival scents as well as new creations.


Puig creates unique and highly desirable beauty and fashion Love brands that empower people to reinforce their self-esteem and find their own expression, in a family company that aims to leave a better world for the next generation.

Since 1914, our company’s entrepreneurial spirit, creativity and passion for innovation have made Puig a challenger in the beauty and fashion world. Present in fashion and in the three prestige beauty categories (fragrances, makeup and dermo-cosmetics) our brand portfolio generates engagement through great storytelling that connects with people’s emotions.

The company has 26 affiliates in the world and 2 headquarters located in Barcelona and Paris.

Puig Paris headquarters are located on the Avenue des Champs-Élysées, in the heart of the Golden Triangle.

What they are looking for

You are passionate, creative, curious and dynamic up for a challenge and you want to thrive and be proud of your work?

Creativity and innovation are at the heart of everything we achieve at Puig.

The company has developed a unique expertise and a passion for detail, making Puig a truly real disruptive force in the world of beauty and fashion.

New, higher standards have been put in place in all our professions, encouraging employees to push themselves further and challenge the status quo.

Live your profession with innovation and passion – That’s the Puig Experience

Good to know

Puig offers you :

  • A rich and fun onboarding program.
  • Development and training throughout your career.
  • Work/life balance policies: sick child days, partnership with the nursery maplaceencreche, the right to disconnect, a work from home program, a mobility package.
  • Our Paris offices are located in the Golden Triangle, the capital’s heart of luxury. We operate 4 industrial sites in Europe including one at the heart of the Cosmetic Valley near Chartres.

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