E-commerce, FinTech / InsurTech

Paris, Milan

What they are looking for

In a sector that requires both innovation and seriousness, they value :

Collective: We are not looking for individual success but collective success. We win and lose together.

Perseverance: We progress by overcoming obstacles. We don't back down in the face of difficulty, we face it to go further and further, to learn more and more.

Authenticity: We are transparent with each other and with our clients. We allow everyone to be themselves, we assume our vulnerabilities, this is what creates trust and makes us better.

Precision: Payment is a regulated, complex and sensitive environment. Beyond our expertise, it is our attention to detail and our high standards in everything we produce that make the difference.

Inventiveness: The entrepreneurial spirit is in our DNA. To achieve our goals, we are curious, daring and ingenious and we never hesitate to think outside the box.

Good to know

Located in the 13th arrondissement, their offices have been fitted out and decorated to create an efficient & lively working space, with coffee, tea and snacks available.

Life is punctuated by rituals:

  • A breakfast meeting every Monday; ”Thank God it’s Monday”
  • An aperitif on Fridays because... "Thank God it's Friday! With board games or online games for the volunteers ;)
  • Team activities every quarter (virtual or on-site Escape Games, wind tunnel, Bubble- football) and regular animations and small gifts (foosball and Mario-Kart tournament, pancakes party, blind test, cheese & wine tasting)
  • An annual retreat, the "Team Day", to look back on the successes achieved and relax around original activities!
  • And for the sportsmen and women, they regularly put together teams to take part in Parisian challenges: Mud Day, Tech Run, Five Soccer.
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