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  • London, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Paris, Sofia
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Past and future

Payhawk was founded in 2018 by Hristo Borisov and Boyko Karadzhov. Less than 2 years after its first financing round, Payhawk became a unicorn. Our offices are spread across Europe: London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, Sofia, Barcelona.

We recently celebrated our 4th birthday, and we marked a huge milestone for our team: 200 employees!

Company values

We are in business because of every single customer who trusts us to deliver. Converting prospects to raving fans is our daily mission. 

We grow natural leaders

These are the people who thrive at Payhawk.

We set context over control

High-performance employees will excel if they understand the context.

We have a high-talent density

A top-performing employee can outperform a mediocre employee up to 2.5x on mechanical tasks, and 20x on creative tasks.

Everybody is Customer Success

Each of our customers trusts us to deliver - and we do!