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Meet our team

Hello, my name is Anne, I am Head of Demand Partnership and I have been with Ogury since 2018. My role at Ogury is to be the link between Supply and Demand, meaning between the teams in charge of the Publishers displaying our campaigns, and the teams in charge of selling and delivering them, to make sure our strategies, needs and objectives are aligned. For example, I will help launch our new markets by analyzing the existing inventory and collecting the needs specific to these markets so that we can adapt our sourcing strategy. My role is also to make sure we have the right balance between supply and demand and coordinating the relationship between both teams to insure we reach our objectives, be it in terms of inventory quality or filling. What I am passionate about is the versatility of the missions - inventory analysis, monitoring of the targets and KPIs, cross-team collaboration – the scope of my job, as I am in contact with all teams, both in France and within our other markets, and the very close relationship I have with the product. During these past 4 years at Ogury, I’ve been lucky to be able to work on different products, with different interlocutors who have enabled me to really enrich my knowledge and evolve my expertise. The 2 Ogury Standards that best represent my day to day are “We help each other” and “We are thorough”. My role being to ensure that Supply and Demand are aligned, it is very important to see it as a partnership where we will really help each other in order to reach our objectives. The other part of my job being the analysis and monitoring of our inventory, it is important to be rigorous and to go deep into the details of each analysis.

Hello, I’m Pierre I joined Ogury in April 2017 and I’m a FP&A business partner for the support functions. I’m responsible for the budgeting and reporting of several departments: Marketing, Finance and Legal, People and Office and POD (the engineering department). I am also responsible for partnering with the budget owners to try to find the drivers behind all the costs and to help the company grow. I first started at Ogury as a Finance manager for the French entity, mainly focusing on accounting and financial controlling, when the company was way smaller – about 60 people at the time. When we finished and managed to build a strong basis on this side of the department, we began to expand our knowledge and competencies within the finance department and to focus more on the reporting and budgeting side. That’s when I took on some more responsibilities. What I love is that it allowed me to build my own knowledge and to gain more experience at the same pace as the company was growing. We built so many things from the ground up that it gave me a unique perspective on how the company is running and how the finance department works within this company. We are often if not consistently faced with new projects and new situations within Ogury. Remaining Curious and Open Minded allows us to ask ourselves the relevant questions before diving into it and to approach the problem with the right mindset.

My name is Emmanuel, I joined Ogury in 2018 and I am now Client Success Director for the French market. My job is first and foremost to make sure that all our clients are satisfied when they work with Ogury. More specifically in the Client Success division, our mission is to ensure that all our campaigns are delivered well. What motivates us is to see all our clients satisfied and ready to give their trust back to Ogury. My experience at Ogury started with an internship as a Client Success Executive. I was in charge of the operational follow up for two large agencies in France. After finishing my master’s degree I came back to Ogury to take care of the pre-sales activity as a Client Success Manager. Finally in 2020 I had the opportunity to manage the whole French client success team and to structure it with many full-time hires. If I had to choose 2 Ogury Standards that are particularly dear to us in Client Success, I would say “We act now” - because working with the largest advertising agencies, responsiveness is clearly the key word – and closely linked to “We Act Now”, “We help each other “ - because to be as reactive as possible, we really need to help each other and also each person has specific skills that he or she can share with others.

Hello, I am Iman, I joined Ogury in 2019. I started as UI Designer and evolved into my current role of Senior Product Designer. Today my job enables me to have a more holistic view on our projects and to respond to more global problematics – meaning they are linked to our business objectives, the challenges we face in order to attain these objectives, and how we can solve them. At Ogury, the Product Design Team is attached to the engineering department, meaning we are a cross function for all the technical teams but we can also work with the AdOps, Sales and Marketing teams. We are very often paired with a product manager in order to define the product functionalities that we wish to prioritize all the while ensuring they have real added value to our users’ needs. The resolution of problems that is at the heart of our job can consist in creating or improving our products’ interface, both for our internal and our external clients, to conceive advertising formats that will enable the best possible performance, but it can also be about conducting qualitative studies in order to redefine processes and thus improve the day to day efficiency of our colleagues. Regarding the Ogury Standards, taking into consideration our cross-functionality, we need to show proactivity, meaning we don’t wait for things to happen on their own but to Take Ownership for them even if it sometimes means coming outside of our scope. We also need to be able to defend the best interests of our users when facing technical constraints or Go To Market imperatives and to Debate and Commit to eventually redefine our roadmap.

I started working in sales at Rakuten Marketing (formerly Nextperf) in 2010 at the age of 23, before joining the Ogury adventure when it was created, in 2014. I was part of the first (and back then small) French Ogury team.

7 years after having participated in the deployment of our company, in particular internationally, I also started taking part in the growth of our French sales team, which has greatly expanded.

After having held various commercial positions within the company, I was promoted to commercial director, a position I have held for 2 years now.

My team is made up of 9 people and we address all the agencies and advertisers in France.

My objective is to ensure the good cohesion of the team, to embody and share the strong values of Ogury, but also of course, to manage the turnover of the French market so as to be able to continue growing exponentially throughout the years!

I’m Carles Sistare and I’m Head of Engineering responsible for running the teams that enable the technology to deliver fair and pertinent ads at scale.

Back in 2014, Ogury had offered me the chance to be a co-founder of the company by building the first stone of the delivery services as a backend engineer, and ever since, the company has constantly been opening doors to new opportunities that can contribute to anyone’s career development plan, as well as raising the bar of our world class technological standards. These opportunities led me to experiment with different areas and competencies within the Engineering scope, and enabled my own path towards management.

From the technical perspective, at Ogury we embrace the AdTech challenges to lead with massive workloads of data with extremely low time budgets. Today we deliver more than 1 billion impressions per month, ingest 50k QPS, respond in less than 100ms, process daily terabytes of data to learn and deliver the best ad UX experience to the end users, provide the best trading tools to our clients and provide publishers with the easy to use software to monetise their ad spaces. All the above enables Ogury to work on the top of a very rich technological stack.