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NNIT is a leading provider of IT solutions to life sciences internationally, and to the public and enterprise sectors in Denmark.

Working in NNIT means being part of an international team with talented colleagues who all work towards a common goal: to make a mark on business and society, by bringing digital transformation to life.

At NNIT, IT is not just IT.

For those at NNIT, working with IT, is to ensure that vital parts of our society are functional and developing in vital areas such as pharma production, financial services and many more.

They advise on and build sustainable digital solutions that work for the patients, citizens, employees, end users or customers.

Their values are not just phrases that were written down and hung up on a poster. They are alive in the offices around the world and embodied when meeting their customers and other stakeholders. NNIT are open and honest, value adding and conscience driven in every aspect.

At NNIT, independent thinking and individual responsibility is encouraged, allowing you to pave the way and make your mark in and with NNIT.

There are very few boring days with NNIT. There are fun days, busy days, inspiring days, surprising days and so forth. They are all part of everyday life at NNIT.

Who Are They Looking For

NNIT hire top talents who strive to make a mark in business and society through technology, including project managers, software developers, testers, engineers, digital and data experts who work across various domains, such as lab environments, clinical operations, regulatory affairs, manufacturing, supply chain, system validation, software development and maintenance.

Additionally, they are on a mission to establish a software powerhouse that leverages cutting-edge technologies in DevOps, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Low Code/No Code Platforms, Kubernetes, and Microservices.

Good To Know

NNIT provides a weekly breakfast at the office and extend an invitation to all employees for after-work drinks every month. If you require an energy boost throughout the day, feel free to help yourself to fresh fruits and vegetables available in the kitchen. Additionally, you are welcome to explore a variety of teas and coffees from our beloved Nespresso coffee machine.

Learning is an important part of working at NNIT, therefore employees are encouraged to take various trainings or use on-line training platform such as Udemy.

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