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NNIT Czech Republic

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“I have an individual approach to all team colleagues, trying to be patient, understanding, and leading based on the situation. Leadership is not one-size-fits-all. A junior specialist might require more direction than a senior consultant; a struggling colleague might need support and motivation, while a satisfied skilled employee would flourish under delegation and autonomy. I bring out the best in my teams by creating a democratic, delegative work environment, and promoting adaptability and flexibility.”

Marek Durian, Manager of Integration & Technology

NNIT Czech Republic
NNIT Czech Republic
NNIT Czech Republic
NNIT Czech Republic
NNIT Czech Republic
NNIT Czech Republic
NNIT Czech Republic

“We are looking for someone who’s responsible and disciplined, who likes cooperating with others and understands the importance of a good teamwork. A person should be a self-driven professional as there is no-one to supervise or control. I give lots of freedom, but that comes along with high expectations and timely tasks completion overall.”

Vilma Vaitieke, Head of Customer Success East & West


NNIT is a leading provider of IT transformation services and solutions to international life sciences companies and for the Danish private and public sector.

Working in NNIT means being part of an international team with talented colleagues who all work the NNIT way.

Each and every day, more than 3,000 NNIT colleagues go to work globally towards a common goal to make a mark on business and society, by bringing digital transformation to life.

At NNIT, IT is not just IT.

For those at NNIT, working with IT, is to ensure that vital parts of our society are functional and developing in vital areas such as pharma production, banking, transportation and food supplies.

In short, they handle critical infrastructure across sectors and across countries. That is why making a mark means everything to NNIT.

Their values are not just phrases that were written down and hung up on a poster. They are alive in the offices around the world and embodied when meeting their customers and other stakeholders. NNIT are open and honest, value adding and conscience driven in every aspect.

At NNIT, independent thinking and individual responsibility is encouraged, allowing you to pave the way and make your mark in and with NNIT.

There are very few boring days with NNIT. There are fun days, busy days, inspiring days, suprising days and so forth. They are all part of everyday life at NNIT.

Who Are They Looking For

NNIT Czech Republic is continualy expanding. To support their global strategy, NNIT hire top talent into their Winning Solutions areas such as Cybersecurity, SAP solutions, Microsoft solutions, Veeva, Pharma Production and much more...

Good To Know

Company events such as Kick-Off, Summer Party, Family event are integral part of NNIT’s company culture.

At NNIT, Mondays are looked forward to; and that’s not only because of the fresh breakfast and the fruits and vegetables provided to fuel their energy, but also because new projects and tasks can be solved yet again.

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