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With mindflow, he aims towards the democratization of CyberOps answering the 1M talents talent shortage challenge #Cybersecurity #Hyperautomation #NoCode

Paul-Arthur stepped into entrepreneurship by starting his first profitable internet business at the age of 12, by then he had lots of entrepreneurial adventures such as creating a home beauty services marketplace and some e-commerce shops.

Furthermore, during his business study, he dived into the software industry 👨‍💻 at Dassault Systemes designing the transformation towards enterprise SaaS business model. Before starting Mindflow, at Thales, he was in charge of the business and marketing vision of a Big Data and AI platform.

His passion and thus knowledge for business innovation and technology enable him to think of software products as enablers of the value creation process of enterprise and liberating the impact of human forces.

The revolution of no-code and hyper-automation are in his DNA. By seeing that some of the challenges of Cyber could be answered by embracing this paradigm, he jumped to launch Mindflow. 🚀🚀🚀

Tech enthusiast and deeply curious human being !

Melanie is fascinated by the creation and the development of new technologies 🤖 In her spare time she is interested in side-projects, drawing, and art in all its forms (especially animation and comics!) 🎨.

She had a first experience as an entrepreneur with creating a platform for writer that gave her a strong expertise in Growth Marketing and Creative communication.

Human-centered software development and technology are his passions.

Fabrice loves to create innovative software products from scratch and lead effective and modern engineering teams. Doing that for almost 22 years.

He believe that collaborative friendly work is the only way to make best product. Also he got chance to work with various small/mid-sized/large teams around the world. Technical excellence is his primary goal on every project.

In spare time he is Interesting in tech and side-projects 🤓, digital photography 📷⛰👨‍👩‍👧‍👦, soccer ⚽️ and cooking 👨🏻‍🍳

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Mindflow is the Zapier of cyber security. Our plug & play no-code SaaS platform enables orchestration and automation of cybersecurity operations at all business levels. We democratize SecOps.

Mindflow participates in designing a new software category: the no-code SOAR (Security, Orchestration, Automation & Response). Most of the time, security teams are under a high level of stress, unable to check all alerts. In addition, 50% of analysts' daily tasks could be automated. They aren't.

Mindflow changes this paradigm by enabling workers to create complex automation, liberating themself from low value-added tasks.

What they are looking for

Mindflow is looking for passionate people interested in software products and SaaS in general. We want to work with fast learners that can quickly jump on complex tech topics such as cybersecurity, hyper-automation, and no-code.

We embrace customer focus. Our people like to understand how the product is used and solve real problems. We value self-starters, comfortable with many moving parts – we trust our people and want to give them the space to thrive.

We seek to create a dynamic team that shares this passion through creation with particular attention to detail.

Good to know

Mindflow is built on a fully hybrid workplace model. What keeps us together is that we are all passion-driven.

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