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At Mindflow, we're revolutionizing the automation game with our no-code SaaS platform 👩‍💻🇫🇷.

We enable ALL professionals in operation teams (SecOps, ITOps, CloudOps…) to automate their repetitive tasks.

We've already made a name for ourselves, winning multiple awards 🏅.

Including the Jury's Awards at FIC 2022, Finalist at Les Assises de la cybersécurité 2022, and Rothschild Startup of the year 2022.

Plus, we have a team of trusted investors and advisors who are leading the global cyber and IT industry, helping us accelerate our startup.

We're proud to work with large enterprises and scale-ups 🚀, democratizing automation for their operational teams with powerful and versatile workflows that require no plugins, apps, or custom code.

Join us, and let's change the automation game together!

What they are looking for

We're on the hunt for passionate individuals who are excited about software products and SaaS.

We're seeking fast learners who can easily dive into complex tech topics, including cybersecurity, hyper-automation, and no-code.

Our team is all about customer focus. We love to understand how our products are being used and solve real problems.

We value self-starters who can handle multiple moving parts with ease - we trust our people and want to give them the freedom to thrive.

We're a not the startup nation. At Mindflow, we hire based on talent and skills, not on background or where you come from.

We're all about creating an inclusive and diverse environment that welcomes everyone with open arms.

Good to know

At Mindflow, we want to find the perfect balance between hard work and a happy lifestyle!

We believe that building a successful company takes dedication, but it shouldn't come at the expense of your personal life.

That's why we embrace a remote-first model and provide our employees with flexible schedules, so they can work smarter and not harder.

While we do have offices, they're primarily used for monthly or bi-monthly get-togethers.

The rest of the time, you have the freedom to decide how you want to work and live your life 😄.

Plus, we're proud to say that we have many parents on our team who have found that our approach allows them to balance their family life with their work commitments.

While we recognize that the cyber and enterprise business can be male-dominated, we are committed to fostering a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

We are actively working towards increasing the representation of women and other underrepresented groups in our team.

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