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About MeltingSpot

Description MeltingSpot is an online events platform, which allows companies, associations and administrations to organise all types of events (customer/partner days, internal conventions, augmented webinars, products demos, virtual fairs, meetups, recruitment forums, etc.) and maximise interactions and exchanges on every event. At MeltingSpot, we believe in the power of encounters. Either business or human related, it's these happy coincidences that spark ideas, free energies and trigger new projects. And the planet needs events that consume less CO2. We want to create a new meeting place, sustainable and accessible to all companies. MeltingSpot was created in October 2020 by a team of experienced founders (Benoît Chatelier, highly active entrepreneur, co-founded Ubeeqo, European leader in carsharing, acquired in 2017 by Europcar). We are currently preparing our series A to accelerate our deployment in France and abroad.

  • Employees

    From 15 to 50 employees
  • Location

  • Sectors

    Software, SaaS / Cloud Services, AdTech / MarTech

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