Luko/Allianz Direct

Luko/Allianz Direct

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning, FinTech / InsurTech



Luko is the fastest growing Insurance in Europe and France’s #1 Neo Insurance.

Today, Luko's mission seems obvious: to transform insurance from an industry perceived as a necessary evil to a service that truly protects.

Our obsession? To offer our policyholders a simple, fluid and transparent experience from start to finish: take out a policy in 2 minutes, with no obligation, understand your cover without having to be an expert in legal notices, pay the right price with no hidden costs, and be able to declare a claim in 5 minutes, with no paperwork, all from the comfort of your app, simply by sharing photos and videos... Yes, it's possible with Luko!

Since our launch in 2018, we have convinced more than 400,000 users to place their trust in us and have become the most solid neo-insurance company!

In February 2024, Luko joined the Allianz Direct group, the European digital subsidiary of the major insurance group, with the ambition of becoming the market leader in direct home insurance in France. Now backed by a major insurance player, Luko will continue to shake up the market by offering the best value for money and ever-greater simplicity and transparency for its customers.

We are a team of more than 120 ambitious and creative talents eager to reinvent an entire industry.

We are looking for other motivated talents who want to make an impact to develop Luko in France. We are committed to equal access to employment, inclusion and diversity within our teams.

Are you ready to join our adventure?

What they are looking for

To build a European insurtech champion, Luko is looking for talent aligned with their long-term vision: combining technology, AI, insurance and customer service to create a genuine household specialist that partners with millions of policyholders every day.

They are looking for people who are passionate about what they do and who want to get involved in missions that make sense. One of their mottos is "Together we execute and move mountains": they are tackling technological, regulatory, commercial and human walls in a huge and highly competitive sector.

Rigour, high standards and a strong team spirit are real assets for joining this great adventure!

Good to know

Few companies tackle such a wide range of issues. At Luko, the focus is the main challenge, their success will depend on your ability to execute quickly while solving big issues. They are therefore looking for "owners" capable of pushing their subjects from A to Z.

This is an opportunity to join a company in the process of scaling up, a team on a human scale and to work with Allianz Direct's European subsidiaries to exchange best practices and deal with cross-functional issues, and why not benefit from group mobility in Europe?

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