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Luko is the leading neo-insurance company in France and the fastest growing insurtech in Europe. It has a mission: to make European homes safer and healthier. Home insurance is not an end in itself, but a means to allow consumers to feel comfortable in their homes and have peace of mind.

90 billion a year is spent on insurance products & there is low trust in the industry. However, taking care of your home is more important than ever. Faced with this fact, Luko is rethinking the traditional insurance model to finally make it useful, ethical and transparent. Using data & technologies to protect homes, prevents people from having to claim, but if something does go wrong, Luko reimburses quickly and efficiently. Plus at the end of the year if there is any money left over it is given directly to charity rather than being profited by Luko.

A transparent model that puts trust back at the centre of the insurer-policyholder relationship and comes with many exciting challenges:

Developing AI applied to household protection Launching customer-centric products ahead of the market Managing a 30% monthly growth Scaling operations while maintaining an impeccable customer experience Preparing for European rollout and acquisition in a highly competitive market

What they are looking for

To build a European insurtech champion, Luko is looking for people aligned with their long-term vision: combining AI, hardware, insurance and customer service to create a true home specialist that partners with millions of Europeans every day.

They are looking for passionate people who are not afraid of challenges and want to invest themselves in missions that they believe in. One of their mottos is "Get over the barrier": they are tackling technological, regulatory, commercial and human barriers in a huge and very competitive sector.

For them, "no" is not a definitive answer. You have to be extremely rigorous, demanding with yourself and a team player to join the adventure.

Good to know

Few startups tackle such a wide range of issues. At Luko, the focus is the main challenge, their success will depend on your ability to execute quickly while solving big issues. They are therefore looking for "owners" capable of pushing their subjects from A to Z.

The opportunity to join a scaling stage company, build your teams, and own a piece of the pie (BSPCE).

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