Koala is a French insurtech tackling the issues of the world's sexiest market: travel insurance.

Forget everything you know about traditional travel insurance, Koala is swapping out high commissions, low customer value, and bad practices for simplicity, fairness, and customer satisfaction. 

Koala is building its products from scratch, automating 100% of the operations and compensating travellers instantly! "WHAT A DREAM, you say?"

They envisage a world where people can travel with an absolute peace of mind knowing they will be taken care of, like no one before, in case of any needs.

Koala will be here for you. No hidden fees. No bullshit. Just like your own personal travel assistant.

What they are looking for

Koala is looking for talented and passionate people to embark on this adventure in various fields including tech, insurance, product, sales & marketing.

Their first criteria is a human one. They are looking for benevolent, honest and truly nice people to join the journey.

The second main thing they are looking for in a future Koala member is her ambition and willingness to challenge the status quo.

They have big plans for the company and want to move forward with people sharing this ambitious vision and willing to remain human-centric, regardless of what the future holds.

Good to know

  • Amazing offices located in Montmartre.
  • A fun & great team to work and grow with.
  • Cool advantages such as Swile, the computer of your choice, BSPCE, and more...
  • Part-time & full-time remote possible depending on the positions.

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