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At Koala, we are tackling the issue of the sexiest market in the world: travel insurance.

Forget everything you know about traditional travel insurance. At Koala, we've swapped out slow processes and the need for receipts for proactiveness, no exclusion and transparency.

All of our products are built from scratch with the same philosophy: **automating 100% of the operations while removing all the frictions of an insurance product. **

We believe that travellers pay for protection, not to justify their usage. That's why we make sure that 100% of our users eligible for compensation receive their due at lightning speed.

We have built to date 3 unique products (but many more are on their way):

  • Cancellation without justification and without reason
  • Cancelled and Delayed Flight Insurance
  • Missed Connection Insurance

We envision that travellers can travel with absolute peace of mind knowing they will be taken care of, like no one before, in case of any needs.

What they are looking for

We went into insurance while none of us was an insurance expert, we learned on the job without being biased by market codes and dedicate our days to moving a market that has been dormant for years.

In short, no, we are not looking for people who are passionate about reading insurance contracts (we don't even like reading those, except ours of course).

However, if you like challenges, want to shake up the status quo and have a taste for doing things right, then we want you.

Good to know

  • Benefit from optimal working conditions and a caring environment: office in Montmartre with part-time remote (3 days a week) with remote budget and bonus

  • We take care of you: Alan Blue (100% paid for), Swile, Navigo and many team rituals

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