Brand Content Manager

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Permanent contract
Salary: Not specified
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Task management
Team collaboration
Time management
Brand management
Cross-functional team leadership


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🖌 Our Marketing Team

No one is more creative and data-driven than this team - they have the best of both worlds!

The Marketing Team’s main mission is to get our product into the hearts of millions of users around the world.

The Growth Team builds innovative ideas to conquer markets, attract, and retain users.

The Brand Team strives to create Joko’s vision for the long term and builds a connection with all its users.

The B2B Marketing Team positions Joko as the top partner to have in our space and aims to build the most desired employer brand possible.

Led by Isa, our CMO, they are constantly innovating to take our business to new heights.

🎯 What You Will Do

The Brand Content Manager plays a pivotal role in our team, orchestrating the seamless creation and delivery of brand content across multiple channels, including email, push notifications, and social media ads. This role requires someone adept at managing multiple requests, coordinating between departments, and ensuring that the creative team has clear, actionable directives.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Request Management:

    • Prioritise, organise, and track incoming content requests from various departments, ensuring clarity of requirements.

    • Set realistic timelines for content creation, factoring in the creative team’s capacity and the urgency of the request.

    • Keep stakeholders informed about the status of their requests, manage expectations, and address any concerns promptly.

  2. Coordination with Creative Team:

    • Translate requests into clear briefs for the creative team, ensuring they have all the necessary details to produce high-quality content.

    • Facilitate open communication between requesters and the creative team, resolving any misunderstandings or clarifying queries.

    • Review content drafts and revisions, providing constructive feedback and ensuring alignment with brand guidelines and requester needs.

  3. Content Distribution and Tracking:

    • Oversee the distribution of final content assets to relevant channels, ensuring timely and accurate deployment.

    • Maintain a centralized repository of created content for easy access and reference.

    • Monitor the performance of content pieces and provide insights for continuous improvement.

  4. Inter-departmental Collaboration:

    • Foster strong relationships with both requesters and the creative team, promoting a culture of open communication and collaboration.

    • Coordinate with Marketing, Sales, Growth, and other departments to understand upcoming content needs and ensure the creative team is prepared to meet them.

    • Regularly gather feedback from both ends to refine and improve the content request and creation process.

The Brand Content Manager ensures the smooth flow of content from ideation to delivery, bridging the gap between creative minds and business objectives, and ensuring that the brand’s voice remains consistent and impactful across all channels.

Preferred experience

  • Experience: At least 5y experience in marketing agency, and content management.

  • Language: You must be fluent in French to clearly understand comments from partners and translate them into positive feedback for the team and English (since our team is international), both in writing and speaking.

  • Proficiency in Notion and Airtable or similar content management system.

  • Content strategy development: Proven ability to develop and execute strategic content plans aligned with brand objectives, effectively guiding content creation efforts.

  • Team coordination: Strong skills in coordinating and collaborating with cross-functional teams, ensuring the successful execution of content strategies and campaigns.

  • Content performance analysis: Proficiency in using data analytics to assess the performance of content assets and campaigns, making data-driven decisions to optimise content effectiveness.

  • Resource allocation: Effective management of resources and budgets allocated to content creation, maximising the return on investment for content initiatives.

  • Multichannel content integration: Knowledge of various content distribution channels and tactics, enabling the seamless integration of content into comprehensive marketing campaigns.

  • Brand messaging consistency: A deep understanding of brand messaging and guidelines, ensuring that all content aligns with the brand’s identity and messaging principles.

  • Market insights utilisation: The ability to leverage market research and audience insights to inform content strategies, ensuring content resonates with the target audience and meets business goals.

Recruitment process

  • 15-min call with the Hiring Manager

  • 45-min personality interview with two team members

  • A case study followed by a 45-min debrief / (for Tech) Live tests with team members

  • 45-min Founders interview

  • Reference calls

You might also be invited to meet other team members at the office for a coffee or a drink!

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