Staff Engineer

Job summary
Permanent contract
Salary: €70K to 100K
Experience: > 7 years
Education: Master's Degree
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The position

Job description

We are looking for a new Senior/Staff Engineer, you will work within our team of 50+ organized in feature and impact teams.

We are open, dynamic and have each other’s back. We collaborate a lot through our cross-team Communities of Practice.


  • Our back-end is powered by a RoR based API although we started to use NestJS for some back-end services.

  • Our front-end stack is built on React/Typescript and uses Vite as transpiler/bundler. Nx supports our monorepo tool as a consistent build system.

  • Tailwind and Mantine power our Design System to allow fluid collaboration between Web and Mobile.

  • We use Ruby engines extensively.

  • We test our code with RSpec.

  • We use Github Action as our CI/CD.

  • We monitor and measure impact of our releases with Grafana (Loki, Prometheus, Faro).

  • We deploy on Google Cloud Platform on Kubernetes Engine (GKE) with Docker.

  • See our stack.


  • Be a key contributor of your squad, by implementing and maintaining new features.

  • Own the technical scope of your squad: system design, architecture and components

  • Guide, mentor and work alongside a team of talented Engineers and become a go-to-person of the Tech team.

  • Work with other Engineers (or teams) through code reviews, pair programming, architecture design sessions.

  • Mentor other team members and contribute to cross-team topics through our Communities of Practice

  • Take part with Tech management in ensuring the technical stack and choices are homogeneous within the organisation

  • Participate in the improvement of our Engineering standards and processes

  • Participate in the growth of Combo!

Preferred experience

Preferred experience

  • You have solid skills in system design, ideally on a RoR stack and another back-end stack.

  • You are comfortable with technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes and have a Cloud experience (GCP or AWS).

  • You’re thrilled to work on complex features with hairy business rules.

  • You want tech challenges, and you know how to design an efficient and resilient architecture at scale and write/present documentations about it.

  • You have good communication skills, you share your ideas in a concise and structured manner and document technical decisions through ADRs

  • Pragmatism, you are able to make decisions to deliver value now and enable the team for the future.

  • Autonomous and know how to write structured, tested, robust and efficient code.

  • You love to work in a team, do pair-programming and share your knowledge.

  • You are part of a team where constructive feedback is the key in all domains.

  • You must be comfortable in English as we are working with an international team with non-French speakers.

Recruitment process


  • Step 1: First discussion on your working experience and introduction to Combo with Alexandre, our Head of Engineering

  • Step 2: Management Fit Interview with one of our Engineering Managers

  • Step 3: Technical Interview with 2 of our Software Engineers

  • Step 4: Culture Fit lunch at the office (lunch’s on us!) and meeting with Raphaël, our CTO and some other members of the Tech & Product Team.

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