Software Engineer

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Permanent contract
Salary: Not specified
Education: Master's Degree
Skills & expertise
Attention to detail
Team collaboration
Continuous improvement
Project management


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🧑‍💻 Our Tech Team

Our Tech team excels at solving cutting-edge technical challenges with elegant solutions!

With a strong focus on product innovation and design, they are shaping the future of the online shopping experience. Their ambition is to have a positive impact on the everyday lives of hundreds of millions of users around the world!

Joko’s engineers work hand-in-hand with Product Designers and Product Managers, from exploration, design, and roadmap prioritization to implementation, and deployment in production. At Joko, we have firsthand experience that teams with engineers who possess a diverse range of skills, and where engineering and product collaborate closely, are able to deliver a truly delightful and innovative user experience.

Led by Alex, our co-founder and CTO, the Tech team is currently divided into two sub-teams:

  • The Features team is responsible for developing and enhancing the various features offered by our products to users.

  • The Foundations team is responsible for the underlying foundations on which all these features are built.

Together, the Features and Foundations teams are continuously innovating on all parts of our product and tech stack, hungry to make a difference and revolutionize the way people shop online!

🎯 What You Will Do

As a Software Engineer at Joko, your main mission will be to craft the future of our products, working in tandem with the Product team. You will take complete ownership of your projects, steering them from the initial blueprint to their deployment in production, ensuring excellence and innovation at every turn.

We aim to assemble versatile teams of engineers, not confined to narrow specialties (e.g., mobile development, ML engineering, infrastructure, etc.). We seek individuals with broad technical skills, capable of applying their knowledge to tackle complex, multi-domain engineering challenges (e.g., building the next generation of AI-powered shopping assistants, developing highly scalable algorithms that can extract structured information from any e-commerce website worldwide, etc.)


  • Software Design & Development: Transform product visions into effective software architectures and implement these designs across our technical stack, ensuring an exceptional user experience in every project.

  • Technical Exploration & Problem-Solving: Undertake technical investigations on challenging, sometimes undefined topics, applying innovative approaches to develop practical solutions.

  • Deployment & Impact Monitoring: Oversee the deployment of projects and collaborate with the Product and Data teams to monitor and evaluate their impact on users.

  • Technical Leadership: Take a leading role in reviewing the technical specs and code of other engineers, and actively offer mentorship to junior team members.

  • Strategic Collaboration: Engage in strategic discussions with the Product Team to align your technical work with overarching company goals, ensuring a cohesive approach to project development.

  • Recruitment & Team Integration: Actively contribute to the recruitment process and ensure that new hires are smoothly integrated into the team and quickly become operational in their roles.

  • Process & Tool Enhancement: Continuously participate in evaluating and refining team processes and tools, aiming to boost team efficiency and the effectiveness of our work.

Preferred experience

  • Experience: You have at least 3 years of experience in a similar role.

  • Problem solver: You have strong analytical skills, you are creative and pragmatic, and you love solving complex problems.

  • Fast learner: You are comfortable in any technical environment and can quickly learn about new subjects.

  • Mindset: You have an entrepreneurial mindset, you welcome feedback and you like getting hands-on.

  • Programming skills: You master at least one programming language and you are able to write flawless code that respects the very best practices.

  • Advanced technical expertise: You possess extensive experience in software architecture and design, demonstrating a deep understanding of complex systems and robust software engineering practices. You are constantly looking at emerging technologies and you keep a close eye on the latest trends in the domain.

  • Attention to detail: You know that the devil is in the details, and you have a talent for spotting flaws when they exist.

  • Efficiency: You are fond of productivity tools and able to deliver on time on projects with many stakeholders.

  • Communication: You have strong written and verbal communication skills, and you are able to explain something complex in simple terms.

  • Languages: You are fluent in English both written and spoken, as we are expanding internationally. Speaking French is not required.

  • Education: You hold a computer science degree (or equivalent) from an engineering school or a university.

Recruitment process

  • 15-min call with the Hiring Manager

  • 45-min personality interview with two team members

  • 3-hour live technical assessment with team members

  • 45-min Founders interview

  • Reference calls

You might also be invited to meet other team members at the office for a coffee or a drink!

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