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Paris, Köln


At Hublo, we believe in the power of technology to transform the healthcare sector. We envision a world where healthcare facilities are not just buildings, but thriving environments that inspire and support our healthcare professionals. To achieve this vision, we must first address the pressing need for healthcare facilities to recruit and maintain adequate staffing levels.

This is why Hublo developed a digital platform dedicated to them, now deployed in 3,200+ healthcare facilities and used by 700,000+ healthcare professionals. At the end of 2021, Hublo raised 22M€ to become the leading HR SaaS solution for healthcare in Europe.

From +170 team members today in Paris and Cologne, the Hublo team keeps on growing. Want to help us improving the healthcare system? Apply today!

What they are looking for

Hublo is looking for people who want to give meaning to their job, while transforming the healthcare system, thanks to new digital technologies, and much more.

Hublo is looking for bold teammates, ready to take early on responsibilities, while remaining humble, curious and eager to learn every day.

Good to know

A multicultural team who likes to get together over a drink, a good lunch, sports challenges and quizzes.

A yearly team off-site is organized to bring the whole team together (French countryside, ski resort in the Alps, south of France seaside, Portugal, ...) in an informal setting, to share and strengthen relationships.

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