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Founded in 2020 by Benjamin Saada, FAIRMAT is a French deep tech company on a mission to revolutionize the recycling of carbon-fiber-based composites.

We are a company focused on technological innovation, whose primary aim is to contribute to reducing the environmental impact in the High Tech & High CSR Manufacturing sectors.

Our first objective is to stop burying carbon fiber composite and create a more sustainable future for this advanced material, essential to decarbonization. Through a low-environmental-impact recycling process based mainly on robotics, we are creating new, high-performance, and sustainable materials.

What they are looking for

Fairmat is looking for people who are committed to protecting the planet, to move the baseline for industry and materials manufacturing. This commitment is what brings all Fairmatters together.

Good to know

At Fairmat, employee fulfillment is key; it’s what makes the difference. When we are fulfilled, we’re better equipped to overcome difficulties and to enjoy working, learning and progressing within a team.


  • What year was Fairmat founded?
  • Fairmat was founded in 2020

What’s the average age of Fairmat employees?

  • The average age of Fairmat employees is 34

What’s the ratio of men to women at Fairmat?

  • Fairmat is made up of 55% men and 45% women

What’s the size of the team at Fairmat?

  • There are currently 100 employees at Fairmat

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