Big Data, Cyber Security, SaaS / Cloud Services

Paris, New York, Singapore

Organization and methodologies

The Tech team sets up a Weekly to synchronize all teams on various topics including current and upcoming projects.

Teams also have Daily to review current tasks and make sure progress is ok.

Most projects are cross-team, and each team evolves in its own way. There is a part of Agile, with also a mix of scrum and Kanban for example for the Engine team.  Sprint of 15 days are also set up with a board session at the end to present the results.

Projects and tech challenges

DataDome's challenge - the detection of malicious bots.

DataDome's challenge - the detection of malicious bots.

That's why we're working to meet this challenge by analyzing billions of requests every day, in real time. This online traffic is scanned by our detection platform with the ability to operate on billions of devices at a time using machine learning. As soon as a flaw or bot is detected, the machine immediately blocks and holds back other requests.

This detection requires a constant evolution in order to reach the goal of "sustainable growth" but especially to always free the web from malicious bots.

Recruitment process

After your application has been submitted, you will be contacted by someone from the Talent Acquisition team for your first interview.

Then you will meet with the Hiring Manager for a second interview.

To complete your profile, you will have the opportunity to show your skills through a case study to be done at home.

Finally, you will meet the CTO for a more technical interview before joining DataDome!