D'Ornano + Co.

D'Ornano + Co.

Legal Department, Transaction Services

Paris, New York


We pioneer a new form of advisory to assess the intrinsic value and resilience of High-growth and Disruptive assets.​


D’Ornano + Co. is a global consultancy firm pioneering Hybrid Growth Diligence (HGD). Specific to High-growth and Disruptive assets, HGD consists in an innovative form of diligence for investors and strategic acquirers to correctly assess the intrinsic value and resilience of these uncertain and rapidly evolving companies.​

The firm’s methodology layers Financial and ESG diligence on top of preliminary business model analysis and incorporates operational data mirroring the company’s economics in the assessment performed. The firm has built specific frameworks for businesses disrupted by Digitalization, Decarbonization and Sustainability megatrends.​

With over 550+ assignments completed on companies driving innovation across Europe and the US, and extensive research on public tech stocks, the firm provides unique business judgment and guidance to its clients providing them with the confidence needed in their investment decisions.​

Embracing a career at D’Ornano + Co. will provide the opportunity to build and refine new frameworks for analyzing high-growth and disruptive companies, as well as drive superior value for the firm’s clients and the business community at large.

What they are looking for

At D'Ornano + Co., you will find:

  • A young, nimble, growing firm
  • Active in high-growth + disruptive sectors
  • With increasing traction with its clients, mainly PE/financial sponsors and high-growth companies - Competing against, and beating, larger and entrenched players

Good to know

D'Ornano + Co. is one of the first SARLs (limited liability companies) of lawyers in France authorized to provide financial consulting services, which was possible due to legislation passed by French president Emmanuel Macron in 2015, year of its inception.

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