Senior Frontend Engineer JS (M/F)

Senior Frontend Engineer JS (M/F)

  • Paris…
  • Permanent contract 
    Open to full remote
    Education: Not specified
    Experience: > 5 years

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    Who are they?

    Combo makes HR easier for deskless teams.

    Every entrepreneur wants their business to grow bigger. Combo’s mission is to help them grow well: become better managers, recruit more easily, help their teams grow and thrive at work.

    Today, 8,000+ teams working in hospitality, healthcare, retail and beyond, rely on Combo and its all-in-one HR platform to say goodbye to their payroll and admin nightmare. All-in-one HR tool means: ultra fast scheduling tool, easy payroll, quick contract management, team communication, productivity tracking, and more.

    After raising a 40M€ Series A early 2022, Combo keeps developing as we triple revenue year after year, and grow our teams. We have clients in France, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, and soon many more across Europe.

    Job description

    We are looking for our new Senior Frontend Engineer, you will work within a team composed by 32 developers dispatched in 7 Squads.
    We are an open and dynamic team, we collaborate a lot across transversal subjects.
    We take care of each other and communicate a lot through all the organization.

    Our stack is built on React, written in Typescript and uses vite as transpiler and bundler.
    We use Nx as our monorepo tool and consistent build system.
    We test our code with Jest and Vitest.
    We use Github Action as our CI/CD.
    We monitor our releases with Grafana (Loki, Prometheus).
    We deploy on Google Cloud Platform on Kubernetes with Docker.


    Develop and maintain new features in Core Engine and Payroll squad.

    • Participate in the improvement of the organization, processes and standard of the tech team.

    • Mentor other team members.

    • Become a tech referent on one or more tech perimeter or feature.

    • Work with other team members (or teams) during code reviews, pair programming, architecture designs.

    • Participate in the growth of Combo !

    Preferred experience

    • At least 5+ years of experience in Frontend development.

    • You have solid competences in React, Redux and Typescript.

    • You thrill to work on complex features with lots of business rules.

    • Appetite for refactoring some complex legacy codebase, you love challenges !

    • Autonomous and know how to write structured, tested and efficient code.

    • You want tech challenges, and you know how to design an efficient and resilient architecture and write/present documentations about it.

    • You love to work in a team, pair programming and share your knowledge.

    • Your code is shared, and you are not afraid of code reviews.

    • Experience in Dataviz is a bonus.

    • We are going global, so you must be comfortable in English.

    Recruitment process

    Step 1: HR Screening with Milena, Talent Acquisition Lead - 45’.

    Step 2: Management fit with our Engineering Managers - 60’.

    Step 3 : Technical test (live with the team, to do at home or code review, it’s up to you!)

    Step 4 : Culture fit in our offices (we invite you to lunch) and meeting with Raphaël, CTO - 120’.


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