Capital Fund Management

Capital Fund Management

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning, Big Data, Finance

Paris, London, New York


Founded in 1991, Capital Fund Management (CFM) is a global quantitative and systematic asset manager applying a scientific approach to finance, combined with the latest technology to protect and grow our clients’ assets. Simply put, CFM analyses huge quantities of data, identifies patterns, develops trading algorithms and implements them efficiently on the global markets with the latest technology platforms.

As these techniques increasingly become the norm in asset management, CFM is looking for great minds to help the firm remain at the forefront of this sector.

What they are looking for

CFM is looking for highly-talented and passionate PhDs, IT engineers and experts from around the world. You will be intellectually curious, keen to explore new ideas, challenge assumptions, and see the firm's thinking, research and analysis come to life in a way that benefits our clients.

So if that sounds like you and you’re someone who enjoys rising to a challenge, who pursues excellence with enthusiasm and perseverance and who sees the value in collaboration and cooperation to uncover the best ideas, develop the best solutions and deliver the best results, then come join CFM!

Good to know

  1. We’re more like a technology start up than a traditional finance firm.
  2. We have a strong team spirit, collaboration is one of our key values : Excel Together !
  3. Whether it's ice-cream vendors on a hot day, patisserie deliveries for internal meetings or the hotly contested football league, we like to have fun whilst we work.

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